Sweatbands by Sport

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Imagine a professional basketball player going in for a lay-up when suddenly sweat drops into his eyes and instead of shielding the ball with the left hand, he quickly moves it towards his eye to scratch it and at that moment the ball is hit out of his right hand and just then the buzzer goes and the game is lost just because of sweat in the eye. That is how important sweatbands can be, they can be the difference between winning and losing a game and these days they are very common in a number of sports.

Sports headbands are very common and the main reason they are used is to prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes or when worn on the wrist it is to clean off the sweat from the face. But there are other reasons they are worn for example for style as well as to keep long hair from getting in the way and causing distraction. In this article, we will take a look at the use of sweat bands in different sports.

Sweat Bands in Basketball


In basketball, the use of headbands has been given a lot of mileage by professional players who wear them. In the 70s they were popularized by a particular player who wore his slanting. This became a fashion and many people realized that they could also serve the purpose of a fashion statement and today many people will wear them just for style. The game of basketball is associated with attitude and being able to make a fashion statement on the basketball court adds a lot in terms of attitude.

Some basketball players also use the sweat band to stand out from their teammates. Sometimes it could be because they are the best in the team so it is much easier for someone to sport where the best player is and pass them the ball if they have something that stands out. A sports headband is just that item that helps a player stand out. In fact sometimes, you are more likely to pass the ball to a person in a headband because they seem more visible even if you are using the corner of your eye to spot them.

If you take note of most of the basketball players in the NBA who wear headbands consistently, you will realize that they help them stand out. Even an average player somehow will get noticed to the extent that even when they are doing nothing on the court, they still seem to attract the attention of people watching as well as the players, in a game.

On and off the courts, the basketball headband is just as functional as it is stylish. It is also used by fans of different teams and personalities to identify with that person or team they support. It is quite common to see people at basketball games wearing sweatbands in the colors of the team they support and it is not only the ones for the head, the wristbands are quite popular as well.

When playing basketball, it is wise to use a wristband to clean off the sweat instead of the palm of your hand because your hands can end up making the ball slippery and a worst case scenario would be you receive a hard pass and you fail to grip the ball properly so it ends up slipping through your fingers and heating you straight in the face. Ouch! Now there is a good reason to wear a sweatband.

Sweatbands in Football (soccer)

(see American Football below)

In most cases, headbands in football are used to keep long hair in place. It is never fun to try and head a ball and end up with your hair all over your face or worse still in your mouth (it may have never happened, but you can choke on your hair). Football seems to be the sport with the biggest number of people with long hair. Both men and women have long hair in the game and so headbands become quite important

The type of headbands used in football seem to be less conspicuous than those used in basketball although you do find some players going for the same ones that are used in basketball. Many of the common headbands seem a little thinner but they will still be able to keep the hair out of a player’s face as well as keep the sweat from dripping into the eyes.

Since football players run around a lot on the football field, sweating is inevitable so finding a way to reduce the amount of sweat that trickles down your face is a good idea. There are a number of players who may gel their hair and this gel will melt in the heat. When you have a sweatband, it can absorb all that liquid so that you can look stylish as well as have a clean face and concentrate on playing the game.

Professional footballers seem to use the sweatbands more often during training. It would seem that they do much more running around and sweating then than when they are actually playing football. When you watch training videos for professional footballers, that is when you see them wear the bands much more.

In sports shops, headbands can be found with different colors and logos of the different football teams around the world. Football fans like to be able to show their support for their teams in different ways and wearing a sports headband with the logo or in the colors of a team you support is fun.

In football, it is advisable that a player wears a headband in the colors of their team or one that is not easily visible. The referees tend to be very strict about maintaining the uniform so sports headbands that may clash with the general uniform of the team may not be allowed on the pitch though fans are free to wear whatever they may feel comfortable in.

There are instances when a player may want to make a statement, it could be in support of a cause or just a protest that they would wish to make and they can wear a sweatband with particular words written on them or they can wear the sports band to signify mourning for a recently departed person they know .

For the women who play football, headbands are usually used to keep their hair in place.

Sweatbands in American Football

Many people playing in American football leagues wear both cotton wristband and armbands. Unlike soccer (the other kind of football), you will not find many players wearing headbands. 

The wrist sweatbands help players to easily wipe off sweat so it does not go in their eyes while trying to make the next big throw or catch. Football towels are also another great accessory for sweat prevention. They are more-so used for the players hands instead of anything else.

Sweat bands in Tennis

If there is ever a sport where headbands are the order of the day, it is tennis. Just about every tennis player seems to wear these important accessories and in most cases, it is not just the headbands that they will wear, but also the wristbands. In tennis, you have to be prepared with everything.

The headbands worn by tennis players these days are more commonly the type that are fastened at the back . This ensures that the tennis player can have it as tight as they want it to be since unlike many other sports, a tennis player cannot afford to have the band loosen and probably end up covering their face as they return a serve. There are the usual elastic bands but most professionals tend to wear the type that can be knotted at the back.

We have tried to find at least one tennis professional player who does not wear or has never worn a headband but there seems to be none. All tennis players wear sweat bands at least once in a while or all the time and this may be because they do much more running about than so many other sports so they are more likely to sweat and like we said before, they need to be prepared for anything and everything.

But some professional tennis players stand out for consistently wearing headbands or for having their unique fashion of sweat bands.

Makers of sweatbands and other sporting gear, tend to have tennis players endorse their sweatbands much more than any other sport so you will find many professionals who always wear a particular brand. If you want to see the latest sporting headbands, then tennis games are what you should watch since the players seem to keep up with the latest trends or rather they are the ones who set the trend when it comes to wearing the bands.

Some commentators have pointed out that sweat bands are much better for tennis players to wear because the spectators can easily read their facial expressions while caps will conceal more than they reveal.

When choosing a sweat band to wear for tennis, it is always recommended that you get a tight fit that will not fall off easy and at the same time should not be too tight that you end up with a headache.

Tennis players will wear just about all the sweatbands you can find, right from the head, to the wrist, the armband as well as carry a towel. Maybe tennis really has the most amount of sweat.

Headbands for Running

Headbands for running come in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and designs especially when it comes to women. Since women like to explore different styles. In most cases, they are looking for something that will look good on their head but also keep their hair in place and keeps sweat off their face and when it is cold, there are also headbands that can keep the cold wind off your ears.

It is guaranteed that when you run especially marathon runs, you will eventually start sweating so many people who go jogging find it practical to wear them. However, it is important that you find a fabric that will not irritate you after a while but at the same time that will not get so soaked in sweat after a long run. Many people end up removing their headbands as they run long distances because they will absorb a lot of sweat and end up becoming uncomfortable or even feeling heavy on the head.

It is good that running sweat bands come in different designs so a runner can get the right headband for running that suits them.

Sports Headbands in other activities

There are other sporting activities which also require headbands. One of them which is becoming very common is Yoga.

Yoga headbands are common with many women because they keep their hair in place. Yoga involves a lot of movements that can result in having hair in your face so it is a good idea to have the hair tied away and kept in that position. Yoga headbands are usually wider so that they can keep much more hair in place.

Men too with long hair may find these types of headbands effective in keeping their hair in place. They can also make a person look more serious about the yoga they are taking part in.


Closely related to yoga is aerobics and cross fit exercises. This is because there is a lot of sweating involved since most people doing this are trying to burn fat and they will need to stop it from dripping all over their faces. It is quite convenient to have cotton sweatbands but they should be elastic.

Most people like to go for elastic headbands that can be put on and taken off very easily. The wristbands too are quite convenient for aerobics so that you do not have to wipe the sweat using your palms or carry around a towel.

Martial arts

In martial arts, headbands are more to show what rank you have achieved or to show the type of martial art you are engaged in but there are also headbands that are for the purpose of trapping sweat. At the same time wearing a headband at times can intimidate your opponent if it is a competition. For people with long hair, the headband will help you keep it off your face or even getting caught in the process of a maneuverer.

Headbands are also used just for the sake of making a fashion statement as you go to the shops or just take a walk on the street. If you want to amplify that sporty look, a headband or a wristband can be a good accessory to add.