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Whether you are just looking to buy one headbands or you want to purchase them in bulk, you landed on the right page. Our high quality cotton terry cloth head sweatbands are the best out there because they are made with a focus on the material and use.

Many of our customers wear these little cotton wonders while exercising at the gym, engaging in athletics and during a hot run. Why would you want to wear one? Besides the fact that they are highly fashionable, any Suddora headband will stop your sweating in its tracks. This means no matter how sweaty you get, your eyes will no longer be burning. Our cotton head sweatband is highly absorbent and thick, so it will act as a preventative measure when engaging in physical activity or even while you are outdoors on a scorching hot day. These bands go perfectly with a pair of our wrist sweatbands.

Athletes Love Suddora Headbands

Rising stars in just about all sports will tell you that vision and hand-eye coordination are ridiculously important. You can’t put a price on these basic items that are essential to your game. Doesn’t matter if you play basketball, football, tennis, volleyball or cross country – you need your eyes to be sharp. This is one of the main reason sports teams love a thick Suddora headband while they are playing. The other reason of course is that it looks AMAZING during their games.

Many errors can be caused by just a little bit of sweat falling into one of your eyes. Take basketball for example, which we also recommend cotton wristbands for. If you are trying to pass the ball to a teammate that has a scoring opportunity or take a game winning shot, but you cannot see because of how sweaty your face is it can cause big problems. These types of blunders happen all the time during just about all sports, not just basketball. They can be prevented by simply wearing a head sweatband.

Another common example we like to use is Tennis. Every little, tiny, miniscule second matters when playing the sport of tennis. Whether its doubles or singles, the pace is set and it is blazing fast. You have to be one step ahead of your opponent or its game, set, match – you’re done. How can sports headbands help you out?

For starters, if you are trying to become a better athlete you need to look at what the professionals are already doing to model and build upon that. If you look at nearly any pro tennis player you will see they are rocking a nice thick cooling band upon their head. Your sweating during a match can irritate your eyes and send you vision into the abyss. This is why it is so, SO important to wear something that will absorb your sweaty brow. We have different styles to wear and also bulk discounted wholesale pricing if you want to order some for your shop.

A Runners Paradise

There’s nothing quite like a nice morning run to get your heart going and your day jump started. All of our customers who participate in marathons, triathlons, unique 5Ks and cross country will tell you that having some Suddora headbands lying around takes all of the sweatiness out of the run. There are tons of different solutions for sweat out there, but nothing quite like our thick cotton bands.

Many running organizers for marathons and more contact us for a larger order of sweatbands. This is no problem for us – we have discounts in place starting with as little as 50 bands. We know how complicated, stressful and time sensitive athletic events can be so we offer overnight shipping on everything on our website. If you are looking for a specific type of sports headband, simply give us a call to order at 1-877-295-5295.

Mix & Match – Great for Teams & Creative Types

Yea, we are kind of crazy over here. So crazy that we decided that you need OVER ten different color options for the headband! We have black, white, pink (great for awareness during October when pink headbands and other accessories are popular to promote a cure for breast cancer) , blue, green, red, grey, orange, yellow and purple. We also have 5 neon colors available for all you people that know how to party! The neon headband colors are neon blue, neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange and neon green.

We offer a variety of different type of head sweatbands – choose from various colors, sizes and more. We also are going to be soon carrying a child size which will be great for anyone planning an event for kids. Happy customers have been ordering sweatband sets from us since 2008 and we continue to keep expanding our brand with more absorbent sporting product.

Sports Headband Color Options



Pink Ribbon

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