Who We Are

Based in Las Vegas - SDRA (short for Suddora) is all about taking action, being healthy and striving toward goals. Our logo represents motion, which means that our customers and we are always moving forward in life, looking for the next great adventure or obstacle to overcome. Every day we are inspired by our customer's athleticism and will to win. We view it as an absolute honor to serve you, and we are here to provide you with the highest quality gear that is only an addition to your current greatness.

What It Means

Suddora…how did we come up with a name like that? Sudor is actually spanish for the word sweat, which happens to be a lot of what we all do when we play our sports. Now add a d to the middle of that and an a at the end. There you have it: Suddora. Suddora (previously the brand that sold only sweatbands on STbands) started in 2007. Our goal is to keep finding and carrying unique sports accessories for active people. In 2022 Suddora adopted the acronym and logo SDRA.

Elevated by Action

Suddora started years ago as STbands.com and was focused solely on selling quality cotton wristbands. Since then, our business has evolved to include Suddora and Suddora Custom.

Suddora is your source for a wide variety of high-end athletic gear and accessories. Although we are currently known as one of the leaders in the sweatband industry, our passion for sports and innovation has helped us expand our business to include headbands, arm sleeves, and more.

Service. Selection. Quality.

Before we even begin to produce or design any product, we look through the eyes of those who will be using them. We need to be sure that every accessory we carry will suit your athletic needs.

Every single aspect of the product matters – whether it be the special comfortable Terry cloth we use to make our sweatbands or our unique design process that allows our accessories to be worn regardless of size.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly listening to feedback from customers like you to help us grow and improve. This has helped us achieve consistently high reviews and excellent customer satisfaction.