Why Buy a Suddora Sweatband?

Top Quality Cotton Sports Wristbands, Headbands and Armbands

Your heart is pounding, body is throbbing, lungs gasping for air – these are just a few of the things your body starts to naturally do when you engage in any athletic activity for a lengthy time. Whether you are playing basketball, football or any other sport it is very likely that you are doing some sort of running or jogging around. After a bit of this I don’t need to tell you what happens after the first three things we mentioned…sweat!

When designing our terry cloth cotton sweatbands, we put ourselves in the shoes of both professional athletes and hobbyist, who still have a great passion for running, cycling and other sports. We asked two questions: What would these athletes want in a sweatband and are there currently products on the market that are fulfilling these needs?

It turns out that most people who engage in sports of all kinds what a variety of different solutions for absorbing sweat, so we started with the basics – thick sweat wristbands, headbands and armbands. These main products actually cater to most people trying to stop sweating. After a while though, we slowly moved into more unique colors, styles and types of sweatbands that built off our original products. Since we had already mastered and produced high-end bands for absorbing sweat, it was only natural to answer our customer’s demands for new products. For example, one of our most popular categories during October is beast cancer sweatbands. At the beginning of our company, we really could not have predicted these types of unique trends. The brand Suddora previously was STbands – this new site expands on the previous greatness by giving our customers a chance to buy a sweat band that is perfect for them.

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Sweat Wristbands – Avoiding Sweaty Hands & Arms

People wear cotton wristbands in a variety of different settings, but it’s no secret that the number one reason people wear them is to prevent sweat from making your hands slippery. This is especially useful in sports like football, basketball and tennis. After all, athletes playing a sport like these depend heavily on hand eye coordination so wearing these terry cloth bands on your wrist can greatly decrease the chance of a slip that can cause an error. Since we understand this importance, we make our Suddora terry cloth wristbands with breathable cotton that is also on the thicker end so there is no chance that sweat can compromise your game. The exact mix? 80% cotton, 12% spandex and 8% Nylon – giving you the most comfy athletic wristband on the market.

Of course, people do not only purchase these for sporty purposes – some wear them as a fashion statement. We LOVE our customers who make a cotton wristband or a set part of their personal style. Everyone from I Heart Sweatbands to Richard Branson, seems to love rocking these as accessories more than for athletic purpose. For this reason we have more than 10 colors – red, pink, black, white, blue and more including neon!

Sweat Headbands – Say NO to Sweat in your Eyes :)

Here it comes again – that icky liquid rolling down your forehead and into your eyes! At Suddora, we know all about sweat and how it can affect athletes negatively. Many of our customers buy headbands to stop the situation we describe above while playing a variety of different sports. Whatever the sport, be it running, basketball, tennis, cycling – one thing remains consistent: you need your eyes. Distorted vision brings upon mistakes in just about any physical activity you can think of including exercise. Ordering comfy, high quality terry cloth cotton bands on your head will make your experience a lot easier. Are you part of a team or league? Perfect, we offer all of our sweatbands in bulk at discounted wholesale pricing so you can purchase as many as you need and not worry about the price.

Many people who get a sweat headband from us also use them during a marathons or specialty 5Ks. Some of these 5Ks are very interesting and we recommend you check out Race Texas to see if you can find one that fits your niche. Marathoners chose us because our Suddora bands are made with the highest quality cotton and will not irritate your head, which is a problem many runners face.

Sports Wristbands & Headbands – Look Cool & Prevent Errors

If it’s pouring down your face while you play a sport than it must be absorbed and put to a stop, the sweat that is. Consider this: it’s only about 10% a fashion statement when your favorite professional basketball player wears a headband, the other 90% if because he literally HAS TO or it will irk his game. Basketball isn’t the only game either and we will go in depth on the main sports that both sports headbands and wristbands are used.


Shooting hoops isn’t exactly the most relaxing thing you can do – you’re going to get sweaty even in the least intense one and one game. So, you might as well do it in style. Our Suddora terry cloth headbands are made of a thick terry-cloth that will absorb all of your sweating so you won’t have to worry about it ruining your game. If your just playing a game of around the world or pig you probably don’t need a headband, but let’s face it you would look ten times cooler than your opponent.


Right up there with cyclers, runners are one of our most common customers; particularly outdoor runners, who feel the sun beating on them and the cool air as they breeze through the streets. A sweatband set goes a long way whether you are running cross country or simply exercising in the morning. Heck, many people who order from us are just walking in the heat and because Suddora material is so breathable, they wear them to keep cool. Our sets include either 2 wristbands and one headband or two armbands and one headband. Checkout our running sweatbands here.


Just how important is it that you don’t have slippery hands in football? It’s the number one most important thing for the quarterback, his receivers and anyone who hopes to intercept that next pass. Our cloth armbands come in 3 different sizes: 1  inch band, 4 inch band and a 6 inch band. These sizes can be worn at the wrist, forearm and upper arm or bicep. The serve the same purpose as every sweatband we have available – to prevent sweat from getting in the way of your sport. In this case all of these armbands and even our terry wristbands help you avoid slippery hands and keep you focused on what’s important at your next football game. Need gear for BCA? Check out our pink football gear.


Game. Set. Match. Tennis is the fastest sport in the world and at the professional level your opponent is hoping for you to have a millisecond delay in response time so they can win the match. Don’t let our gooey little friend get in the way this time – use a sweatband for your head and a pair of armbands. Keep the sweatiness out of your eyes and off of your arms.


Wearing a cloth wristband for baseball is less about sweat and more about stability. When you are at the plate and fans are counting on your to nail that ball out of the park – you want to make sure your wrists are nice and steady. Buy a 6 inch or 4 inch armband to experiment how the added steadiness affects your swing. Many of the baseball clubs we work with love our cotton wristbands and armbands because they are comfortable while at the same time serving their purpose for stability.

Exercise, Gym and Fitness

Exercise a lot? Yes, us too – that little running man in our logo is always working out just like the both of us. Going to the gym can be a bit intimidating the first time, but with a trainer and some guidance you can improve your health beyond anything that you would have thought beforehand. One of the areas you will learn about is cardio – treadmill, stairmaster, crossfit and more. Having a sweatband handy for these physical activities is a must. Sweat burns the eyes and it doesn’t feel good to anyone. Use a headband to keep the sweat at bay or if you aren’t keen on wearing that than use a sport wristband to wipe off your forehead every 10 to 15 minutes.

Aside from cardio, a Suddora fitness headband is also commonly bought to wear during Yoga. The other side of exercising and physical activity involves calming rituals and positions with the ultimate goal to get you centered and ready to kick butt in your daily life. You can also use our hair bands to hold back your hair.

A Variety of Options & Expanding

We are commonly regarded as the best store to buy sweatbands and it is not an accident. The reason we are the brand most associated is because we make our bands with high end cotton and ship your order so fast by the time you blink you will have a tracking number (ok not that quick, but we are pretty fast!!)

We are always expanding into new types of product. We currently have zipper bands, rainbow bands, neon, pink ribbon and more. All of our sweatbands will soon be available in child sizes, so don’t worry kids – we have you covered! Buy in bulk and save big. Free shipping options are available when you place an order over $50. Do you have a certain sweatband you want to see here? Please contact us and let us know, we love your product ideas and take them very seriously.

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More Reasons to buy from Suddora:

  • Ultra Comfortable Terry Cloth Cotton – 80% cotton, 12% spandex & 8% Nylon.
  • Most styles are available in 10 or more colors: black, white, green, blue, red, gray, pink, orange, purple, yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon pink, neon orange and neon yellow
  • Our customer service is OFF THE CHARTS
  • Different styles and sizes based on your needs
  • Always Expanding this section with new sport headbands, armbands and wristbands.

Sweatband Colors

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Pink Ribbon

Customize your own Sweatbands

Our sister website, Custom On It, allows you to make custom sweatbands. This is not only very inexpensive but it’s also very fun. The minimum order is 100 and currently there a ton of custom sweatband options - custom wrist sweatbandscustom headbands and custom armbands. These bands can have your logo embroidered on them or if the logo is complicated it can be applied view woven label.