Breast Cancer Football Gear

Football teams of all leagues have become big supporters of breast cancer awareness by wearing pink football gear. Players, especially during the month of October, have been more and more frequently spotted donning some sort of "pink" attire on their uniform. Not too long ago, referees were making headlines for breaking their dress code and using pink whistles. Now, any football player whether they play for the NFL or for their high school team can find breast cancer accessories have become commonly accessible.

Players can add a little addition to their uniforms such as a breast cancer ribbon awareness sweatband and pink socks. The NFL even offers a specific line of clothing that allows fans to purchase pink clothing and support their favorite team all at once. There all also footballs that have been created specifically to showcase the breast cancer awareness ribbon. Some places even sell pink cleats for football players.

Football fans should feel no worry about not looking serious wearing their pink attire because if the players are showing their support in all its pink glory, the fans can definitely do the same. Everyone is all involved in the same fight against breast cancer by buying and wearing pink.