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Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Wristband Pair
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Zipper Wrist Wallet
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6 Inch Armband Pair
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Kids Wristbands Pair
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4 Inch Armband Pair
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Pink Ribbon Wristband Pair
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Suddora 1" Armband/Wristband [4-Pack]
Sale price$ 8.99

Wear Suddora Sports Wristbands – The Cotton Masterpiece

What sets our wrist sweatbands apart from the rest? For starters, they aren't cheap terry cloth-like most you will find out there. Our performance wristbands are made of a high-quality cotton mix – 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon - ensuring comfort and proper sweat absorbing capabilities.

Suddora Wrist Sweatbands Close up

As you can see from the photo of the wristband above, the material is comfy looking but more importantly, it is also comfy feeling. Sometimes when creating a sweatband, companies get carried away and end up doing more harm than good. They create a cheap product, slap a logo on it, and call it the best. In our case, we had to make sure that our performance wristbands would both stand the test of time and be beneficial to our customers purchasing the products. People from all over the world order wristbands from us because we are known for a high-quality sweat-absorbing solution.

Wrist Sweatbands - Enhance your Game

An athlete, or anyone for that matter, needs to achieve a laser-like focus while playing his sport. Some people call this being “in the zone” and that is exactly what it is. We have all had days where we are just ON. For athletes and professionals alike it is expected for them to be ON or else they will get booed and heckled. Where does sweating fit into all this? As it turns out sweat poses quite the problem for athletes in all sports. This natural bodily process can be annoying and often causes many slip-ups during the game. Enter ‘s Sweat Wristband collection.

Absorb Sweat with Suddora Sweatbands

If you are sick of the constant slip and slide, or maybe you want a cool accessory to get you in the mood - wear some Suddora's. The accessories are available in many different colors. The can be bought in pairs or a set with a headband, for extra protection of the eyes.

Beat The Heat & Keep Your Grip

Running back and forth on the court for an hour or two will naturally cause you to be drenched. This is why during basketball thick cotton wristbands can be lifesavers. It’s not that being sweaty is a horrible thing (in fact it’s very natural), but it’s going to cause unwanted errors while simultaneously having your coach and teammates giving you the glare. Order some sweatbands to see if you can solve this problem before you get too concerned about it.

Another common sport many people play that purchase a sweatband is tennis. Is it true that people who play tennis are smarter than the norm? I’ll leave that up to you to decide but if you watch the pro’s you will see that everyone is rocking accessories for added stability and sweating protection. In a game with the pace that is fast it is a MUST to take every step to avoid slips.

Not surprisingly, our top customer base is runners and marathoners alike. This is especially true during October when many people order pink wrist sweatbands and other pink accessories. Anyone who runs on the daily knows how addicting it is. A high from a run can set the pace for the whole day and make you much more productive. We recommend headbands and two cotton wrist bands at your wrist to soak in your perspiration, especially important If you are running outside. There are now all kinds of uniquely sized sweatbands we have, including child size – take your kids for a run!

Party Like It’s the 80’s!

We have sold to triathlons, gymnastic studios, fitness centers, Zumba gyms, and many other sporty type businesses / people but we always have a soft spot for our super unique and amazing customers. You know who you are! You want those neon wrist sweatbands to pass out at your next party or EDM gathering and we are happy to provide the icing on the cake, so to speak, for these events. People throwing unique party-type events know that we can be trusted as a reliable source because all of the cotton bands are sold in bulk at discounted wholesale pricing. In other words, if you need a lot of wrist sweatbands – then you are on the right website. Back to the party.

Party On! with Neon Wristbands

Don’t’ sweat the small stuff event planners. All of our orders ship the same day and if something is not in stock it will say it is not in stock. Heck, give us a call and we will tell you when it is estimated to be back in. We have overnight and 2-day shipping options on all of our products. If you are a current customer and love our wristbands then you may also want to check out our head sweatbands and armbands section. We have longer 6 inch armbands that are suitable for protecting your arm during kettle-bell exercises and also a short 1 inch armband. This armband is commonly worn by football players, but is also seen on runners and basketball athletes. Check out Suddora Custom if you are interested in custom wrist sweatbands for your next promotional event.