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Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits Brings Results

Whether you are learning to play tennis, working out to lose weight or in training for your first half marathon, it is a fact that pushing yourself beyond your limits will bring the greatest results. There are many sports personalities and professional athletes who have succeeded in attaining their goals by committing to and persevering with an activity, even after initial difficulties. In this blog, we offer you a little inspiration to make that extra effort, to push harder and reach higher by looking at the stories of two sports-people who are at different stages in their career, Michael Jordan and Ellie Simmonds.

Michael Jordan – The Man Who Defies Gravity

When Michael Jordan tried out for his high school basketball team, he failed to make the cut. Many young people would have taken this set-back as an early end to their sporting career, 6ft 6” tall Michael saw it as a challenge to be overcome. Working hard to build his basketball skills, by his college days, Michael’s natural gift for the game began to emerge. His career really began with the Chicago Bulls where he soon became renown for his acrobatic, stylized moves. Michael’s skills very developed further when he began working with the trainer Tim Grover. Commitment to a core strength and agility building routine was to bring Michael’s game to a whole new level, allowing him to leap into the air and make the awe-inspiring shots that seemed to defy gravity. Over the course of his career, Michael has won numerous awards and accolades, as well as a strong fan-base across the globe. Perseverance, a competitive nature and the strong desire to succeed are the ingredients which allowed him to achieve this amazing result.


Ellie Simmonds – Paralymian Heroine

While Michael Jordan is one of the world’s best known sports personalities and celebrities, Ellie Simmons is still in the early stages of her career – but has already made a splash. The British swimmer has a bone growth disorder called achondroplasia which causes short stature and shortened limbs. Ellie started swimming at the age of five and competed against able-bodied swimmers throughout her childhood. She first came to public attention at the 2008 Summer Olympics, when, aged just 13, and the youngest member of the British team, Ellie won her first two gold medals. Her success was to continue in the 2012 Olympics in London, when she totted up two more golds and a new world record in the 400m freestyle race. Despite a painful operation to straighten her legs at the age of 12, Ellie has never given up or let her dreams fall by the wayside. She has trained relentlessly for at least two hours a day, including waking at 5am to fit in a session before school. Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Ellie is that, although other people may perceive her has having a disability, she does not feel that her smaller than average size is something that she has had to overcome to get to where she is today.