Will Headbands Make the 2021 Fashion Trends List?

Will Headbands Make the 2021 Fashion Trends List?

Suddora Suddora

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As 2020 came to a close, the world couldn’t be happier to embrace a new year with new hopes… From the pandemic blues to quarantining at home, we welcome 2021 into our good graces! 


Now, in welcoming those good graces, we can only hope for a breakthrough and the world open back up. BUT in the hopes of a forthcoming world re-opening, you don’t want to enter back into society wearing anything reminiscent of 2020… So it causes you to wonder what the fashion trends will be for 2021.


It’s quite the fascinating thought, being that last year’s fashion trends weren’t put to use because everything was closed. So with the world being on the hopeful verge of re-opening, what will be on this year’s fashion trends list?


We may not be runway fashion experts but we do know fashion when we see it, and we have a pretty good idea of some fashion trends that will make the list. Take a look at what fashion experts in the industry say is on this year’s fashion trends list.

2021 Fashion Trends


The evolution of bras has come a very long way. At first, they were meant to be worn under your clothes (which they still are), but the fashion industry has taken the bra and turned it into its own fashion statement.


Bralettes are basically bra “tops” that are acceptable to wear in public because they’re not designed like an actual bra. These tiny tops come as whole outfit sets with matching pants, and the celebs can’t get enough of them, wearing them under blazers and cardigans. If you don’t have a bralette to flaunt this year, you’re really missing out!

Oversized Pants

We all love a nice form-fitting pair of pants that accentuate our beautiful curves, but there’s also a freeing, non-constrictive beauty in oversized pants as well, and that’s why they’ve landed on this year’s fashion trends list!


Now, there’s a right and a wrong way to wear these “baggy bottoms,” and you don’t want to be caught wearing them wrong. When rocking your oversized pants, you never want to pair them with a baggy or oversized top, as this will make your entire outfit look lazy or unkempt. For these pants, pair it with a slim-fitting top, crop top, or even the all-famous bralette, listed above!


Headbands have been dubbed as THE ensemble component by the fashion experts and we couldn’t agree more. Of course, headbands are so versatile that they come in all different sizes, shapes, designs, colors, and thickness, and that makes them all the more deserving to make this list. 

You have your classic black headband that goes with almost any outfit you could put on; You have your tapered headbands that are comfort-focused but can go from athletics or exercising to casual wear; And then you have your fancier headbands that come embellished for you to wear out for special occasions. But whatever you have going on in your life, there will always be some type of headband that will be the perfect component to any ensemble you wear.

“Flatform” Shoes

Don’t call it a comeback! We saw platform shoes in the ’60s and ’70s, and then we saw them again when the Spice Girls popularized themin the late ‘90s and early 2000s. But in 2021, the fashion industry decided to take the idea of the platform shoe and add a comfortable twist to it and merge the two ideas of platform and comfort together, thus, the “flatform” shoe… Think of your favorite pair of flat sandals and give them some height… you’ll then be in 2021 fashion!


Belts once served a practical purpose, and that was to hold our pants up… They were a mere afterthought when it came to fashion. But man, look at how the times have changed. Yes, belts still serve the purpose of holding our pants up, but today belts are all about the statement it makes, and that statement is centered around the belt buckle.


With the right statement buckle, you can easily use a belt to cinch a dress, sweater, or blazer to show off your gorgeous figure. And depending on the type of buckle you rock, it can give the look of class and sophistication, and that’s never a bad thing.

Now that you know some of the biggest fashion trends for 2021, which ones speak to you most? With this list, you’ll be able to re-enter society when the world fully opens back up with a renewed sense of fashion!

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