6 Interesting Uses for Headbands (That Probably Didn’t Work)

6 Interesting Uses for Headbands (That Probably Didn’t Work)

Suddora Suddora

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If you’re a bit of a frugal individual, then you understand the game of repurposing. Repurposing is a great way to get the most use out of certain items, and depending on what you’re repurposing, you can be doing a major part in helping preserve our planet. For example, taking that day-old turkey after Thanksgiving, and turning it into turkey tetrazzini is a great way to repurpose that meat to not only create another meal but also eliminate wasting food.


Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum of repurposing, sometimes people can take things to the extreme and get a tad bit ridiculous with their repurposing habits. Take headbands, for example…


If you look back at the history of headbands, you’ll see that they date back from 475 BC to 330 BC when the ancient Greeks wore wreaths on their heads to mark special occasions and events. They were also given to athletes who won Olympic events. 


Today, headbands serve just as many purposes and more, right? They may not be as prestigious as they were back then but they do indeed keep your hair out of your face, absorb sweat and keep it from running on your face and in your eyes, and they’re quite a fashion statement. But in the wacky world of getting your bang for your buck, people have taken the use of headbands and given them new purposes in life… better yet, “repurposes” in life.


If you’re up for an interesting and laugh-worthy read, take a look at how people have used headbands outside their normal purpose.

6 Interesting Uses for Headbands That Extend Beyond Its Typical Function

  1. Sleep Masks
    When you’re wanting a peaceful night of rest, but your bed partner wants to watch TV, it can give way to many arguments. What your bed partner fails to realize is that it’s not the sound that keeps you up, it’s the light that does! Sure, you may not care to hear what happens on Skip and Shannon Undisputed, but the light from the TV is what will drive you up the wall.

    So what do you do when you don’t have a real sleep mask? You go into your bathroom and pull out the widest, softest, elastic headband you can find, and wear it like a sleep mask. Imagine how many marriages could be saved with the addition of a stretchy headband to their hair accessories repertoire!

  2. Distraction Weapon
    Okay, so violence is never the answer but you never know what could happen on an early morning or afternoon run. What if an attacker comes at you? First and foremost, you should always, at the bare minimum, carry pepper spray with you. But if you don’t, and a suspicious person is coming at you, you can at least pull off your headband and fling at the attacker…

    Yes, this sounds crazy, but at the very least, this is an act that will distract the attacker long enough for you to run away to find help. And this is mostly due to the attacker being puzzled at the fact that you really used a headband as a “weapon.”

    Your headband could also be used as a muzzle to keep an unleashed vicious dog from attacking you. Hopefully, you NEVER have to put your headband to use in either of these scenarios, but it is helpful to know other ways to use your headband in case you need it.

  3. The “Quiet Mask”
    Whether you’re a mom or dad, it’s pretty safe to say that your kids always find a way to find the last nerve you have left in your body and get on it, don’t they? You love them to the moon and back, but sometimes, you just need a little peace and quiet. But the trick to getting your kids to be quiet isn’t going to come from you just saying “I need everyone to be quiet”... That’s like telling them to yell and scream in your ear because that will only make them want to get louder.

    The key is to turn your quiet time into a game, and all it requires is the “quiet mask.” The object of the game is that whoever has on the quiet mask, can’t talk unless spoken to by you. If they talk with the quiet mask on, they don’t get dessert for dinner. And in case you didn’t catch it, dessert is the kids’ incentive to be quiet… Also, a tapered headband is your “quiet mask!”

  4. Choker Necklaces
    History and fashion do indeed repeat themselves, but it’s not so serious to be in the latest trends that you have to resort to a headband to create the choker necklace look you want. Now, depending on the thickness of the headband you use, you could probably actually pull it off. But if you really want a choker necklace, you’re going to be much better off just going on and buying the actual necklace… leave the headband for your hair

  5. Book Marks
    People have been using all kinds of things to mark their places in books… From receipts and tissue to butter knives and shoe strings, why would people not use their headbands as a bookmark too? Simply put the headband around the cover and page you stopped on and close the book… Whoever said you need to have an actual bookmark to mark your place obviously never heard of the many functions of headbands or butter knives for that matter!

  6. Handcuffs
    When your little ones need handcuffs for their game of cops and robbers, and they don’t have toy cuffs, just hand over one of your headbands… they’ll make it work. And speaking of handcuffs, for a romantic evening, if you don’t have any, couples have been known to make their own “makeshift” form of handcuffs with headbands… And we’ll just leave it at that and let your imagination do the rest.

As you can see, there are tons of ways to use headbands that go well beyond their standard or traditional use. In some of these instances, they could work, and some, they just don’t work… But based on these instances, you can never have too many headbands in your home. To “up” your headband stash, hop over to our collections page to see the different designs and styles we have, whether you need it for your aerobics class or to get your kids to be quiet!

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