Suddora adopts the acronym SDRA and unveils a new Logo & Brand look

Suddora adopts the acronym SDRA and unveils a new Logo & Brand look

Suddora Suddora

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Sports accessory company Suddora is transitioning to a new acronym, SDRA, and updating its logo, launching in the next six months.

“Suddora” stands for the Latin word sweat which is usually caused when people participate in any sport. Hence the name Suddora was born. Suddora provides the best quality sweatbands, headbands, and wristbands. These accessories help people while they are entirely focused on the task at hand. SDRA provides accessories for all sports, including football, fighting, and basketball.

The main focal point is that after a very long time, Suddora has decided to transition its name into a short form and will also be known as SDRA. Not only this but the sports accessories company has agreed to change its logo as per its new acronym, SDRA. The transition to the new logo and acronym will take place in the next few months. The new logo will be a great way to engage the customers, and the abbreviation is short, catchy, and simply elegant.

The company is well recognized and has licensing deals with one of the biggest names in the sports industry, like UFC ( Ultimate Fighting Championship), The Ohio State University, and The University of Michigan. The accessories are customizable, so the partners and even customers can custom print anything they want on the addition.

After the recent success in headbands and sweatbands, SDRA plans to expand the moisture management line into more products that will prove beneficial for people involved in vigorous sports. The products are sold all over the United States with a 90 days return policy on unopened products if the customer changes their mind about the product.

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The main thing that makes Suddora stand out is that before they start to design any product, the company looks through the eyes of those who will be using them and then develop the product that will fit every athlete’s needs. The products are made from special comfortable Terry cloth with a unique design process that allows products to be worn by anyone regardless of size.

Any company stands out from its competitors when it listens to the feedback of its customers. Suddora constantly remains in check with the feedback to help them grow and improve in any aspect they lack. This engagement helps the company in receiving great reviews and satisfy the needs of every customer that uses their products.

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About Suddora ( SDRA)

Suddora began in 2008, hoping to take action, stay healthy, and achieve her goals. The logo represents novelty, implying that no matter what challenges or obstacles life throws, customers and the company are always ready to overcome them and move forward. The products are inspired by the athletes’ desire to succeed. The goal is to provide athletes with the best and most unique sports accessories.


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