Suddora Signs Multi-year Licensing Agreement  with emoji®- The Iconic Brand

Suddora Signs Multi-year Licensing Agreement with emoji®- The Iconic Brand

Suddora Suddora

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Suddora® has just given the world yet another reason to love emoji® brand icons. Partnering with emoji® -

The Iconic Brand, they are proud to announce their new launch of emoji® brand Headbands. The

partnership was brokered by Retail Monster, LLC., the emoji company’s North American Licensing Agent.

The Las Vegas-based company Suddora® is known as an innovative leader in the sweatband industry. But

sweatbands are not where the buck stops for Suddora®. Not only do they provide a wide variety of high-

end athletic gear and accessories such as wristbands and sweatbands, but the business has also

expanded to include headbands, arm sleeves, towels, hand warmers, and custom designs. Incorporating

the emoji® brand icons into the Suddora® headband collections will only take the company to new heights.

Paul Serra of Suddora® states: “We are so excited to launch emoji® brand themed headbands. The

designs are so fun - our customers will love wearing them both for fitness and fashion!”

Suddora®, the brand embodying athleticism, health, and fashion, joining forces with emoji® - The Iconic

Brand, globally awarded and known for providing expression beyond words, are indeed a force to be

reckoned with in the world of athleisure apparel and accessories.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with Suddora® to launch a collection of headbands full of

expression,” says Marco Huesges, CEO and Founder of the emoji company. “Their headbands are

high-quality and specifically designed for an active lifestyle - We’re proud to partner with such a respected


Since the emergence of athleisure wear, people have started taking their health and fitness more seriously

simply because physical activity no longer feels so forced. On top of that, you can look and feel great while

being more physical. At Suddora®, the goal was to not only incorporate athletic gear and accessories that

look and feel great but that also added functionality to the design.

All Suddora’s gear and accessories are designed with a purpose. Everything from moisture management

and SPF protection to keeping hair and sweat out of your face and eyes, their products can go from the

gym to the grocery store, just as all athleisure wear apparel does. By teaming up with the emoji company,

Suddora® customers will be able to enjoy a fun spin on the headband design.

Fitness is a lifestyle, and for Suddora® customers, movement is life - in every facet of the word. Movement

is the inspiration behind their logo and brand. The ability to elevate and move forward in life, above

obstacles, and in goal achievements is the very foundation of what Suddora® was built on.

emoji® - The Iconic Brand

The emoji company is the owner of the registered emoji® trademark in up to 35 classes for goods and

services in more than 100 countries around the world.

The emoji company's extensive rights portfolio covers more than 1,000 trademarks and more than 25,000

emoji® brand icons and designs protected under copyright laws and available for legal licensing and

merchandising, promotions & events, for entertainment services and marketing campaigns.

Official partners of the emoji company include more than 1000 world famous global license partners

amongst them Sony Pictures Animation, PUMA, L´Oreal, Ferrero, Unilever, Burger King, Zara, The Hershey

Company, Walmart, Danone, Nikon, Fuji, Nestlé, Lidl, Kellogg´s, Danone, Nikon, Aldi, Pepsico, Miss Sixty,

the BBC, C&A, The French Post amongst many others.

The globally and multiple awarded emoji® brand was decorated as the 3rd most influential brand behind

Lego and Coca-Cola by the Powerlist. With an annual retail revenue of more than 800 Million US$ the

emoji company is on position # 57 of the Top 150 Global Licensors and the emoji® brand is one of the most

influential universal lifestyle brands of all times.

For licensing inquiries please contact us at or visit our website

For more information visit: or contact:

emoji® is a registered trademark of the emoji company GmbH. © 2015-2021 emoji company GmbH. All

rights reserved.

About Retail Monster LLC

Launched by an Executive Team that brings over 70 years of retail, buying, sales, marketing, finance, and

licensing experience to its clients, Retail Monster LLC ( utilizes it relationships with

best-in-class manufacturers and retailers to deliver strategic licensed programs to shelf. Established in

March 2016, Retail Monster operates office locations out of Los Angeles, New York City, Orlando,

Bentonville, Ark., and London, England.

About Suddora®


Suddora® is a high-end athletic gear and accessories company that focuses on providing high-quality

products designed for individuals with an active lifestyle.

Service, selection, and quality are the top considerations we look at before producing any of our products.

For the active individual, we ensure all our gear is lightweight and breathable, made with non-slip

technology, offers UV protection, multi-use, and is made from Performance Blend material to wick away


We are involved in the production process of our products from start to finish, keeping in mind what can

enhance workouts and what can hinder workouts to produce only the best in athletic gear and accessories.

Those considerations, in addition to our passion for sports, make us one of the most innovative brands in

the sweatband industry.

Paul Serra

President & CEO

Contact Address:

6280 S. Valley View Blvd STE 740

Las Vegas, NV 89118


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