7 Trendy & Versatile Accessories for Fitness Lovers

7 Trendy & Versatile Accessories for Fitness Lovers

Suddora Suddora

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You’ve seen the cool shirts that have those trendy catch phrases on them like “Gym is Life” or “Fit is the New Sexy”... And for true lovers of fitness, those catchphrases are the stories of their lives. Eating healthy, exercising, and just living a healthier lifestyle, in general, aren’t just fads to a lot of people… Those are habits that have become their way of life.

To feed your love of fitness, you can’t just do it on love alone. To take your love for fitness to new heights means you’re going to have to keep your passion fueled to stay motivated. So what better way to do that than to accessorize? In other words… SHOP!

Whether you’re a fitness lover yourself or if you have a special fitness fanatic in your life, we’ve compiled a list of the seven most versatile and trendy accessories every fitness enthusiast needs in their life.

Top 7 Trendy & Versatile Accessories for Fitness Lovers

Knotted Headbands

One of the best parts about having cute workout clothes is that you can pair them with cute workout accessories. And being that you’re working out, the accessory needs to be as functional as it is cute. So what’s this “golden accessory?” Knotted headbands.

One of the biggest annoyances of working out with regular headbands is that they tend to slide off during intense workouts. To have a distraction-free workout, you’re going to want to invest in headbands with knots to not only ensure it stays securely on your head but also keeps your hair and sweat out of your face. Suddora’s collection of knotted headbands comes with Advanced Non-Slip Technology and Superior Moisture Management. 

Don’t do another workout without one of these high-quality, stylish headbands crowning your head.

True Wireless Headphones

As people are “cutting the cords” with cable, avid fitness enthusiasts are cutting the cord from their workouts as well, opting for a more freeing music experience. Whether you’re running or doing a solo workout, true wireless headphones are small and discreet but are packed with excellent sound quality. 

The best part about these headphones is that they’re water-resistant. So if you pair these headphones with a Suddora knotted headband, you’ll really have no worries about your headphones succumbing to moisture. Check out Jabra Elite Active headphones for quality performance.

GPS Running Watch

Whether you’re a jogger or a true distance runner, you’re going to want to invest in a watch that will track your distance, of course. But for this particular accessory, you’re not just going to want any old running watch… You want one that’s really going to “keep up” with you.

There are actually quite a few different high-quality GPS running watches out there that range in different prices, but the Garmin Forerunner is the best out there. With this watch, you’ll have your pace, miles run, and time stat in real-time, and the watch stores your stats to track your improvement. 

Sweat-Wicking Masks

With wearing masks becoming the “new norm,” having a performance-based mask would be an ideal accessory for a fitness lover. Yes, masks are for when you’re out in public but going to the gym is being in the public… running in the park is being in the public. So if you’re going to do your workouts around other people, don’t just wear a mask… wear a sweat-wicking mask. Champion actually has masks designed just for this.

Sweat-Activated T-Shirts

To add a little fun, and even motivation to your workouts, you definitely want to get yourself a few sweat-activated t-shirts. Imagine putting on a plain t-shirt, and then that same shirt revealing a hidden message saying “You Can Go Home Now” once you’ve saturated your shirt in sweat because you’ve had a good workout… With these shirts, your new goal for your workouts can be to work hard enough to reveal your t-shirt message! These shirts can be found on Etsy.

Terry Cloth Wristbands

Speaking of sweat, sweat is definitely a good thing during workouts but it shouldn’t be a distraction or deter you from your workouts, and that’s why having a few terry cloth wristbands handy will take your workouts to a new level. 

Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Wristband Pair

Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Wristband Pair

$ 5.99

Product Details Suddora Wrist sweatband pairs are great for sporting events. The wristbands work to prevent sweat from affecting your game. They also have a very stylish look to them and are comfortable to wear. The sweat wristbands are made… Read More

If you’re lifting weights or playing tennis or basketball, the last thing you need is slippery palms. Think of terry cloth wristbands as detours for sweat to go to the band instead of your hand, allowing for superior grip strength and maximum performance during your workouts.

Stay-Put Running Belt

Whether you’re running outdoors or exercising in the gym, it’s always a good idea to have your important personal items near you and protected. What better way to do that, you ask? A stay-put running belt is going to be your versatile and trendy solution here. 

These performance series running belts can be worn whether you’re running or not. This stretch belt is small and compact enough to hold your phone, ID, keys, and even a water pouch. Being made from water-resistant materials, you can feel safe in knowing that the contents in your belt are safe from water and sweat. The SPIbelt Performance Series Running Belt is a great belt to get started with.

For many people, they have a love-hate relationship with fitness… but for the fitness lover, it’s nothing but love. These seven accessories are trendy and versatile for whatever you have on and are functional for whatever type of workout you’re doing. Make sure you have all seven of these in your fitness repertoire!

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