Wide Headbands: Perfect for Working Out, Sports, and Style

Wide Headbands: Perfect for Working Out, Sports, and Style

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The headband is an accessory that has been used in a variety of ways throughout history. It can be worn to keep hair out of the eyes, as a sign of status or rank, as part of religious dress, and for warmth. From ancient Egypt to modern-day America, the headband is still going strong!

In today's society, wide headbands are worn for many different reasons. In athletics and fitness circles, they're often seen on the heads of people who work out or exercise regularly. They can be used to keep long hair contained in place so it doesn't get tangled up with sweat during a workout session.

The wide bands also look good with a ponytail or bun, and they can be used to create low-key looks for everyday wear. They also work well as an accessory during the wintertime when you want more warmth on your head!

Hair Accessories - Functional and Fashionable

Many women (and men) use Suddora wide headbands as hair accessories while engaging in their fitness and sports routines. They come in two styles - wide band with a taper (perfect for working out) or wide headband that wraps around the full circumference of your head (for more coverage during sporting events).

Wide headbands (USA Patriotic Style)

The micro-polyester material is soft, stretchy (elastic), durable, and sweat-wicking to keep you dry as you go hard!

Since our headbands are great all day long, many of our customers use them for style!

Match with Clothing: So many Colors and Patterns

Our wide headbands come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Whether you're looking for something simple, subdued, or bright, we have what you need! With so many options available to choose from, it's easy to find the perfect wide band that matches your outfit perfectly.

Need something custom?

We have you covered! Get any of our products decorated with your logo. Best of all you can get the color you need, even if we don't have it on this site. Visit Suddora Custom to learn more.

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