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Blue Sweatbands for the Confident, Loyal Sportster

Blue is one of the most popular colors for wearables. Actually, it is a favorite for just about anything, from cars to rooms and uniforms to sports headbands. More than half the people polled in a survey conducted in the U.S. and Europe selected blue as their favorite color..

What Is Blue?

Blue is the shade between green and violet on the color spectrum. It is one of the three primary colors (the other two are red and orange). It is an essential part of a variety of others colors. Blue and yellow make green and blue and red create violet.

The word “blue” has European origins going back from Middle English to German, Old Dutch, Old Saxon (is there a new Saxon?), and even Old Frisian. It started out as blau and gradually became blue.

In ancient times as now, blue was one of the most popular clothing colors. People used dyes from woad and indigo for centuries. Since the early 1700s blue has been the color of choice for military and police uniforms. It is currently the most popular color for business suits.

Blue and Variations

Blue has hundreds of shadings and tints. According to color professionals, a blue shading is blue mixed with white, and a blue tint is blue mixed with black.

Tints include baby blue, light blue, periwinkle and powder blue. Other blues include Crayola blue, Spanish blue, medium blue, Egyptian blue, dark blue, ultramarine, midnight blue, space cadet, liberty, resolution blue, independence and navy blue.

The Psychology of Blue

True blue sums up the psychology of blue. It is generally experienced as a positive color, as nature’s color. Blue reminds people of the sky, the sea and open spaces.

Though true blue sounds simple and straightforward, the psychology of blue is contradictory and complex. It gives the feel of trustworthiness and responsibility. A person wearing blue comes across as confident and secure. But he is often trying to hide insecurities.

It says warm and inviting but also conservative and predictable, as in “don’t change.” Blue is non-threatening but also connotes inflexibility and a tendency to live in the past.

Blue and Your Personality

Saying “I’m blue” means you’re sad. But when people describe you as “true blue,” they mean you are salt of the earth, loyal, trustworthy and a friend in time of need.

As someone who chooses blue, you are known for your genuineness and authenticity. Because you are sincere and take your responsibilities seriously, you are a welcome addition to a team, committee or social group.

You seek out situations that are peaceful and harmonious. You don’t like disruption and you like to go at your own pace. Impulsive is not how people would describe you. People who identify with blue often have a daily meditation practice. For the blue lover, introspection leads to self-discovery. For that you need downtime.

Though you practice self-control, you have a vulnerable side. You might try to hide it, but people see it and love you for it. You tend to be very even-tempered, but if you get mad, watch out! Too many emotions crowding your mind can make you moody, over-emotional or even indifferent.

People who love blue often feel most complete when they are rescuing someone. This actually is an excellent trait on the basketball court or soccer field.

Another element that makes you a wonderful team member is the fact that you are so friendly and approachable. Your warmth draws people together and helps forge bonds.

Wearing Blue

Whether it is blue sweatbands or a blue button-down shirt, blue is a very popular color for clothing and gear. Color experts say that wearing something blue helps to put you into a state of relaxations and tranquility. This makes you more creative and peaceful. It puts you in the zone for the game.

Are blue headbands just for guys? After all, baby boys are swaddled in blue and little girls in pink. The answer is absolutely not. That tradition started in the mid-1900s. In fact, in the early 1920s pink was considered the best color for boys, according to the Women’s Institute for Domestic Science in Pennsylvania. They decided it was a stronger color than blue, so more suitable for boys. Blue was deemed appropriate for girls.

Darker shades of blue are considered upscale. Think blueblood. This is true of business suits for men and women, as well as evening clothes. But, just to confuse the issue, blue-collar workers are in the working class, a few steps down the snobbism ladder. Decades back, these workers often wore blue denim, a strong, long-wearing cloth that was suitable for coveralls.

Nowadays, denim is universally worn by men and women, young and old, all over the world. It simply means comfort.

Blue and Sports

Blue is an essential color in sports. The blue flag in auto racing is the official signal for the start of the race. The Blue Belt in judo is meant to remind its wearers of the color of the sky. They must keep striving to move higher, reaching for the sky.

Blue is the color of military and police uniforms worldwide. It has also been popular for sports teams since ancient times. In Nero’s Rome, the Blues were the blazing hot chariot team in the Circus Maximus. Since controlling those horses took strength, sweat and concentration, the chariot drivers would have benefited from blue wrist sweatbands.

In modern Italy, the national soccer team is called “The Blues,” more accurately the “Gli Azzurri.” And the French team is also called “Les Bleus,” which means “The Blues.” Blue is definitely big in soccer. Even FIFA has blue in its logo.

The National Basketball Association also uses blue its logo. The Charlotte Hornets and the Indiana Pacers wear blue uniforms, and probably blue basketball headbands.

No question blue is big in sports logos. The National Football League uses it in theirs, as does the National Hockey League. Teams with blue in their uniforms include:

  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Buffalo Bills
  • New England Patriots
  • New York Giants
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Columbus Blue Jackets

Show your true blue colors, not just once in a blue moon, but everyday on the court with blue headbands. You’ll get the blue ribbon and show that you are a real blueblood. And you won’t end up feeling blue.

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