6 Best Non-Slip Workout Headbands for Men

6 Best Non-Slip Workout Headbands for Men

Suddora Suddora

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With longer hairstyles for men gaining popularity, a great non-slip workout headband is a must for the modern, active man. While workout headbands for men are an often overlooked element of the workout wardrobe, there are a wide range of effective non-slip headbands available — so you can find one that fits your style and your workout. 


This article will cover six of the best headbands for men and how to wear them.


1. Suddora Tapered Non-Slip Headband

This sleek headband from Suddora is designed to make every workout great. It features superior moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and comfortable during any sport. It’s breathable, lightweight, and offers wide, 3.5-inch coverage — which means it works well under helmets, in the sun, and in cold weather. 


The tapered design of this headband is available in a wide range of solid colors and patterns so you can match your unique style. The Suddora Non-slip Headband also features:

  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
  • Hand-crafted manufacturing

These well-constructed headbands are durable, comfortable, and the perfect addition to your workout gear. 


2. Nike Heathered Fury Headband

The Nike Fury Headband is a classic choice for keeping sweat and wayward hair out of your face during a long run or a stint at the gym. This headband features Dri-FIT fabric, which wicks away sweat to keep you focused on the workout at hand. This comfortable, wide-fitting headband also includes discreet silicone — keeping your hair in place no matter how intense the workout. 


The Nike Fury Headband also features:


  • A relaxed, 44cm opening
  • 2.75-inch width
  • Stretch fit

The Nike headband can be worn with long or short hair and is great for keeping sweat out of your eyes no matter the activity. 


3. BicycleBooth Anti-Sweat Cycling Headband

If you’ve ever gone for a bike ride during the heat of summer, you know the singular discomfort of sweat gathering under your helmet. Fortunately, the Anti-Sweat Cycling Headband from BicycleBooth was designed for even your most high-intensity rides. This stylish headband absorbs moisture and increases breathability so you can ride comfortably no matter what. 


The BicycleBooth Anti-Sweat Cycling Headband features:

  • Anti-sweat and anti-shrink technology
  • Imported Italian materials
  • Vibrant colors

This headband is meant to be worn under a standard bike helmet with long or short hair. The snug fit means that your headband won’t slip during your weekend bike rides. 


4. The Nike Wide Cooling Headband

The Nike Wide Cooling Headband is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during an afternoon pickup game, an evening jog, or a morning rowing session. With its comfortable, extra-wide fit, the Nike Wide Cooling Headband effectively keeps your hair from becoming an annoyance during your workout. The cooling fabric is woven, which enhances the cooling effect and keeps the band in place without silicone strips. 


The Nike Wide Cooling Headband also features:

  • Chemical-free fabric
  • 4-inch width
  • Stretch fit

With its extra-wide coverage, this headband is designed for longer hair styles and will keep even the longest hair out of your face with no fuss. 


5. Suddora Red Paisley Bandana Tapered Headband

For a unique look, Suddora's Red Paisley Bandana provides a bold look with a wide band that wicks sweat and keeps you cool and focused during your daily workout. 

This soft performance blend headband stays secure during any sport. It also features:

  • 50+ UPF sun protection
  • Handcrafted U.S. manufacturing
  • Thick coverage
  •  Lightweight, breathable moisture-wicking material

This thick headband works wonders for pulling long unruly hair back from your face and stopping sweat in the process. 


6. lululemon Metal Vent Tech Headband

The Metal Vent Tech Headband from lululemon is designed for a high-performance workout experience. It keeps sweat far away from your face and out of your eyes during intense workouts. 


With a snug fit and thin design, this stretchy headband was created for concentrated training. The Metal Vent Tech Headband features:

  • Seamless knit yarn
  • Four-way stretch
  • Sweat-wicking technology
  • Anti-microbial properties

This versatile headband looks great on long or short hairstyles and elevates a workout of any kind. 


Find the Best Non-slip Headband for You

If you’re ready to find the perfect non-slip headband to elevate your workouts this year, Suddora offers a broad range of headbands to meet your workout needs. 


Whether you’re lifting, training for a marathon, or working on your free throw, non-slip headbands can keep sweat and long locks out of your way. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed headband to boost your style and improve your game in 2021. 

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