Play Basketball? Headbands Can Improve Your Game

Play Basketball? Headbands Can Improve Your Game

Suddora Suddora

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Headbands were introduced by the ancient. Greeks as hair wreaths. They were worn to important events. Wreaths evolved into hair ornaments and scarves but retained a fashion role over the years. The iconic flappers of the Roaring 20s shook the proper society who brazenly sported short hemlines and shocking boyish bob hairstyles emphasized by outrageous headbands.

The headbands have been worn for ages now during sporting activities. Over the years, these sports accessories have revolutionized, and you can now get any size, shape, design, and color you desire. Terrycloth cotton headbands are a good example of what new headbands look like.

Various sporting events require headbands. Basketball is such a sport that needs this gear. Most people consider them a style, fashion, or something that just makes you stand out or look cool on the court. But there is more than just that. Here is all you need to know about basketball sweatbands.

How To Wear Basketball Headbands

Apart from just being fashionable, the headbands can be functional. They can hold your hair off your forehead and keep you from breaking out. This piece of accessory looks simple, but not every sportsperson knows how to wear it. Here is how.

Wearing a stretchy terrycloth headband.

This is a trendy sports headband that can fit well if worn properly. You need to stretch it out so that it can fit on your head without being too snug. It is also advisable that you pick a hairband that’s tight enough to stay on. However, it shouldn’t be too tight to cause a headache or leave a deep line on your forehead.

Stretch the headband over your head. You should then position it so that it sits in the middle of your forehead and stretches back to sit right underneath the middle of your head. You can tuck the front of your hair underneath the headband if you have long hair. Your hair can also flop over the top of the band. If you have short hair, you may want to have something that makes you feel comfortable. You can move the headband up to the bottom of your hairline. Your imagination is not limited. This accessory should be comfortable, and you can play around with it until you feel great.

How To Keep The Cotton Headband On During The Game

The basketball fraternity came to recognize the functional value of headbands. However, most players struggle with its tendency to slip out of position during periods of physical activity. This is an annoying distraction that can be remedied to keep your focus on the game instead of your headband.

Dampen and spray

The most effective way to keep sweatbands in place during the most rigorous movements is by combining hair spray or styling gel with correctly applied bobby pins. This works for people who have long hair. You should dampen it and give it a light misting of hair spray. You can also work a small amount of styling gel into it. You should then style your hair and position the headband in place. To “glue” it to your hair, you should apply the hair spray to the perimeter of the headband.

Bobby pins on non-slip sports headbands

Bobby pins can be used to keep the basketball headband in place, especially for ladies playing the game. Bobby pins are often mistakenly applied to the front edges of the headband. This is what makes the accessory move backward.

To make use of it, you have to open a bobby pin and position its tips at the back edge of the headband slightly below and behind your ear. This helps in a big way to encourage the headband to move forward when you run and score rather than backward. Both men and women who have hair can grab as much hair as possible into the bobby pin and slide it downward and backward as they clip it to their non-slip sports headbands. You should then cross it with a second pin so that you form an “X.” This process can be repeated behind the other ear.

Additional security

You can add more security to your sweatband by clipping another bobby pin “X” to the back at the top of your head. You can also add two or three more “X”s at the back of your head to the underside of your hair. To make the gear fit comfortably, make sure you space them about an inch apart.

Braid or tie

Women who play basketball now don’t have to worry about their hair getting in their way. You can wear long hair down instead of pulling it back into a ponytail. The headband can easily slip back into place with a sleekly pulled back ponytail. Alternatively, you can plait a long hair into braids or tie it back into a bun. Lift up the hair at the back of your head and slip the headband beneath it. Use a bobby pin to secure the sides of your headband behind your ears to have a perfect fit.

Benefits Of Basketball Headbands

Headbands have always been worn during basketball matches and training. They never go out of style and seem to gain popularity more than ever. Here is a look at some of the benefits sports persons stand to enjoy by using headbands.

Suddora headband

These headbands are popular at the gym, on the court, and during a hot run. Besides the fact that these sweatbands are fashionable on the court, they stop sweating before you even notice it. This means that no matter how sweaty your face gets, the sweat will not get into your eyes and cause a burning effect. This cotton head sweatband is thick and highly absorbent than most bands in the market. This is why it is the best accessory that acts as a preventive measure when you have a tuff game to win or when you are out training in the scorching sun. You can also match it with any pair of wrist sweatbands. 

The fact that they are unisex and can be worn by both males and females makes them popular. Apart from the pink ribbon cotton sweatband and headband associated with females, other bands are regarded as unisex.

Unlike other accessories, they can also work regardless of the type (thin, medium, thick or extra thick). They are also the best sportswear that people can wear equally by people with any hairstyle and hair length. So whether you have super short or very long hair, you will always have something to keep it intact. The Kids Neon Headbands are the best for kids Since basketball is also a game of style, the players make use of headbands to change their cool jerseys' mood. It also offers a chance to show off a unique personal style. Some of the popular brands include:

  • Yoga Headband (100% Super Soft Cotton)
  • Red White & Blue Head Sweatbands
  • Rainbow Head Sweatbands

Basketball players are human, and they also have a bad hair day. With a headband fix, players can lessen the trauma that comes with bad hair and focus more on the game. The headband can contain out-of-control hair or camouflage it and root re-growth lines to give you confidence. A band can instantly add a look of softness to any hairstyle, be it bad or good. You may also conceal that wrong haircut you just had before the game. Celebrities are known to use headbands to disguise botched hair color or overall bad hair days when on the court.

You can add your own style to the headband the way you like it. This accessory can be worn on a wide range of positions you find suitable for your head. From right above the eyebrows to the back of the crown.

Terrycloth headbands may be designed to perform actual hair styling functions for sportspersons like creating instant volume at the crown and securing bangs or simply as a form of hair adornment.

Basketball is a brain game, and scoring those points need maximum concentration and skills. You wouldn't want something to distract you from that. Headbands are the best hair accessory for basketball and all other sporting events to keep hair out of the eyes and off the face. This is just the best accessory to use to anchor overgrown bangs that may be hanging in the eyes.

The bands can provide a great camouflage where the real and add-on hair meet, especially when worn in combination with fusion extensions or clip-in. If you want to alter a plain headband, you can do so by simply clipping any add-on like a flower and your good luck charm on one side. This is the basketball gear that allows you to combine other hair accessories like tiny jaws, sleeper clips, claws, decorative grips, and bobbies.

Although the team bands are normally chosen by the team management, the right one normally enhances highlights and lowlights by working in harmony with the hair's hues. Every player wants to look good on the court, and this accessory works just fine.

Apart from just being easy to put on and remove, they are equally easy to care for. This means that you can clean or launder them as you clean the rest of your gears. At least each type comes with instructions on how to maintain.

Types Of Headbands

There are various types of headbands you can choose from. They range in different colors, textures, styles, and sizes. Manufacturers have also been creative enough to make bands for every person.

Soft bands are popular, and they are made from a wide range of materials in all widths and shapes. There is also a combination of hard and soft bands.

Others are made from elastic to stay in a place like the non-slip sports headbands with comfy velvet lining. Although these types of bands are not commonly worn in sports, they are comfortable and soft.

Tips For Choosing A Headband

With the different sporting events that the headbands can be worn, there is no doubt that many choices are available. This also means that you are bound to make mistakes when choosing a band. Here are tips for choosing the right one.

Consider picking the most colorful ones. Basketball is not just a sport. It is a showcase of style and fashion. So make sure you pick something that looks stylish. Unless the band is provided by the team, make sure you choose something that makes you stand out in the court.

Comfort is also a key consideration since you will have it on your head for a long. You wouldn't want something on your head that doesn't even fit. The comfort level must be unmatched. Prioritize bands made of a combination of Polyester and spandex to give you a silky feel against your skin.

Sweat-wicking properties are also important when checking the fabric of the band. The combination of materials provides superior performance to keep the sweat out of your eyes. The construction should also be seamless so that you can wear it in different ways.

The band's width is critical since it determines how good or bad it will fit your head. The width should be appropriate for full coverage and support. You can also pick one that folds in half for a narrower look.

That said, it is clear that you don’t have to be a basketball player to wear a headband. With the various colors, design, and pattern choices available in the market, it is easy to get your perfect match to complement all your sporting gears. You can make your training sessions easy and effective by getting a good and comfortable band. You can also step out to the court for that big game in a trendy basketball headband.

Anyone can get a headband, whether you are a professional player or an amateur. They range in prices from very affordable to very expensive. All you have to do is find a band that fits you and falls within your budget.

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