Sweatbands for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sweatbands for Breast Cancer Awareness

Suddora Suddora

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Breast cancer awareness has taken on a whole new identity compared to where it was just a few short years ago. Now, nearly every company has some kind of Pink campaign to support breast cancer funding. Especially in October, accessories to support many different breast cancer fundings start to appear everywhere.

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Anybody can go pink to show their support at any time during the year. There are multiple websites devoted to all kinds of breast cancer causes. They sell accessories for just about everyone. People can find pink t-shirts, sunglasses, and jewelry. There are also types of pink accessories offered, especially for those who do walks for breast cancer. These people can find pink sweatbands, pink socks, and many other types of breast cancer accessories that will help them show off their cause.

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Breast cancer awareness is renowned for its pink ribbon. Many accessory designers have come up with a way to turn this ribbon into a fashion statement. It can be designed on just about every item of clothing and jewelry. This was a way to get more donations and get more people involved with finding a cure.

Breast cancer football gear


Football teams of all leagues have become big supporters of breast cancer awareness by wearing pink football gear. During October, players have been more and more frequently spotted donning some sort of "pink" attire on their uniform. Not too long ago, referees were making headlines for breaking their dress code and using pink whistles. Now, any football player, whether they play for the NFL or their high school team, can find breast cancer accessories that have become commonly accessible.

Pink Ribbon Headbands

Pink Ribbon Headbands

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Players can add a little addition to their uniforms, such as a breast cancer ribbon awareness sweatband and pink socks. The NFL even offers a specific line of clothing that allows fans to purchase pink clothing and support their favorite team all at once. They're all also footballs that have been created specifically to showcase the breast cancer awareness ribbon. Some places even sell pink cleats for football players.

Football fans should feel no worry about not looking serious wearing their pink attire because if the players are showing their support in all its pink glory, the fans can definitely do the same. Everyone is involved in the same fight against breast cancer by buying and wearing pink.

Sweatbands as a Fundraising & Awareness Tool



October is a month where we become even more aware of the cancer struggle many women face worldwide. Breast Cancer Awareness month helps us cope with this struggle and find hope by raising money for a cure.

One of the more versatile items you can use for fundraising and awareness is sweatbands. The reason is they can be embroidered with your special message on them and can be sold to raise money. They go great at schools and sporting associations. I say versatile because they can also be used during the game by football, baseball, wrestling, and basketball players. They are also used for walk-a-thons and charity events. This makes for even more awareness because many of the people watching the game will want to donate to have their own pink sweatband. The pink sweatbands do not necessarily have to be customized because the color in itself represents awareness.

Preparing for your fundraiser

Getting ready for a fundraiser can be both fun and hard at the same time. Hard because of all the planning that goes into it, but fun because of how creative you can be with the products you are selling. Sometimes the process is painless because the product of choice is already designed for you. The most successful fundraisers start prepping at least 3 to 4 months before the actual month or day takes place. This saves you a lot of time and last second hassle.

The Event

Your event set-up and planning is essential. If you only have a single day or few games to raise funds for your cause, it is important to know how you will stand out. If you are selling a product like pink armbands at a football game, then you will notice that as soon as you sell a few, they get around pretty quick by word of mouth. The best way to stand out is to get a table with a pink table cloth and set it up against a wall during the game. If it is a basketball game, then set it up where people walk in works best, but if it is

In Closing

Most people across the globe have supported breast cancer awareness in some way. Some have walked marathons, others have donated money, and still more purchase pink products. Companies have created their own pink lines to allow a portion of or all sales of the product to go to a charity to help families or, better yet, to find a cure.

One product that every person could purchase in pink shoelaces. Nearly everyone wears shoes. Why not have breast cancer awareness shoelaces on that pair of sneakers worn regularly? The best and worst thing that can happen is someone notices them and then wants to make their own purchase. Anyone can make this little contribution to the fight. Even athletes such as football players can buy pink shoelaces to wear during their game.

Going pink on the feet is not a disease. It is a way to make a very positive contribution to all of the women and men who have been fighting this disease for years. It helps families that lost loved ones, and it is an inexpensive way to help researchers find a cure so that fewer families can be lost each year.


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