Best Workout Headbands: What to Consider When Choosing

Best Workout Headbands: What to Consider When Choosing

Suddora Suddora

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When you’re working out, you want to find your personal flow state where you’re focused and in the zone. But all too often, a wayward lock of hair swings in front of us or beads of sweat run toward our eyes and derail our focus during intense workouts.

Fortunately, workout headbands can save you from frustration and keep you in the zone as you work toward your fitness goals. With so many options, you’ll want to pick the perfect headbands to match your workout needs and your individual style. 

It can seem challenging to choose the headband that best suits your lifestyle. This article will help make the process easier for you by outlining which headbands are the best for you as you go about your favorite workouts. 


If vinyasa, ashtanga, or Bikram are your thing, choosing a great headband is a must. The perfect yoga headband should stay in place — you don’t want to have to pause your flow to adjust it. With many yoga poses requiring some form of inversion, a nonslip headband is a must-have for the avid yogi. 

The perfect yoga headband should also be comfortable, lightweight, and have some sort of moisture-wicking capability — especially for hot yoga. For the more minimalist yogi, a Soft Cotton Yoga Headband will keep your hair in place without fuss. Flexible and full-sized headbands like the Yogi Flex Headband Mandala are great for keeping your hair in place without squeezing your temples, so you can focus on perfecting your flow from tree pose to warrior three in style. 


Whether you’re running a marathon or taking a short jog, you know that sweat and locks of hair in your face can be an unwanted and irritating distraction. It takes a nonslip or tight headband to keep your hair in place and prevent sweat from dripping down your face during a long run.

Headbands like the Suddora Non-slip Headband use non-slip elements, wide-coverage, and a tight fit to make sure you don’t have to worry about stopping to readjust your hair or headband during mile 5. 

Great running headbands also feature moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and focused on your mile time — especially during the warmer months. In the winter, staying dry is just as essential. As an added bonus, a snug headband can help keep your ears and head warm in cold weather. 

Gym Workouts

Whether you’re crushing workouts at the gym or at home, you need a headband that can do it all. Especially if you work out daily, you will want a headband that is durable, snug, and can draw away sweat when you need it most.

Featuring silicone grips, Dual Grip Headbands are the perfect answer to even your most intense sweat sessions. These headbands are ultra-absorbent and lightweight, providing cooling relief when you turn up the heat on your workout. 

If you’re looking for sweat-wicking capabilities without a non-slip grip, the Reversible Headband is snug enough to keep you cool and dry and your hair in place without silicone strips. A great workout headband should keep you cool and dry so you can maintain focus on your form. 


Workout headbands are a great addition to your workout wardrobe whether you’re a tennis player, soccer star, or basketballer. If you’re looking for a low-profile headband, the Sports Headband is the perfect option for keeping your hair in place throughout any game. This thin headband also absorbs sweat so you can game on without distraction. 

If you’re looking to represent your favorite country in the world cup or otherwise, these vibrant Tapered Non-slip Headbands are the best way to show off your team spirit while playing without interruption — no matter what your sport of choice is. 

All-Around Workouts

If you’re looking for a classic look that works, the Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Sweatband is a timeless choice for nearly any sport and activity. Sweatbands are not only fashion-forward; they also effectively absorb sweat so you can perform at your absolute best

For a clean and modern look, the Tapered Headband creates a sleek line and is available in a range of patterns, from solid colors to classic paisley

Pick the Right Headband for You 

No matter how you like to get your heart pumping, picking the right headband can do wonders for elevating your workout. Suddora has an extensive collection of workout headbands — so you can find the best workout headbands to fit your sport and your unique style.  

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