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Green Power: Optimism, Healing and Balance

Green is all about balance and nature. In fact, green is the most common color in the natural world. It comes in a close second to blue as the color cited by people as their favorite, in both the U.S. and Europe.

Green is one of the healthiest colors on the spectrum. When you wear green sweatbands, you are connecting yourself to the energy of the earth. You’re also keeping the sweat out of your eyes.

Here is a closer look at the color of growing things, of money and of the vegetables you should be eating. Your choice of green sports headbands is multi-faceted, much more than matching the color of your team logo.

What Is Green?

Green is between blue and yellow on the color spectrum. It is a primary color, along with red and blue. When you mix those three together—red, blue and green—in differing amounts, the specialists in colors say you can make every other color.

The word comes from grene, which is Middle English and Anglo-Saxon. These people really didn’t know how to spell. The root word comes from a German word meaning grass and grow. It has long meant that you are safe. It gives people permission, like a green light that says you can drive ahead safely.

Green and Variations

The Irish say the Irish Sea has 50 shades of green. They may be right, though it might be a trick of the light or an extended visit to the pub. For whatever reason, there really are numerous shades and tints of green in the color spectrum.

Green colors found in nature include artichoke, asparagus, avocado, dark green, fern green, forest green, hooker’s green, jungle green, laurel green, light green, mantis, moss green, dark moss green, myrtle green, mint green, pine green, sap green, shamrock green, tea green, teal and olive.

Other names for shades of green are army green, bottle green, bright green, bright mint, Brunswick green, Cal Poly Pomona green, Castleton green, celadon, celadon green, dark pastel green, Dartmouth green, emerald, feldgrau, GO transit green, yellow-green, harlequin, hunter green, India green, Islamic green, jade, Kelly green, malachite, midnight green, MSU green, neon green, office green, Pakistan green, Paris green, Persian green, rifle green, Russian green, Sacramento green, Screamin’ Green, sea green, Spanish green UP forest green.

There’s a lot of green out there.

The Psychology of Green

Green is a very positive color. That’s why it is used for springtime, fertility, money, nature safety and growth. People who use color in alternative healthcare consider it the most healing of all the colors. It is often found in the logos and advertisements of medical and nutritional companies.

Green is the color of balance, containing equal amounts of the heart and the brain. It indicates self-care and unconditional love. It is the color of hope and peacemaking. Green is associated with listening with the heart, counseling and helpfulness. Green is the color of the heart chakra.

Green, as a mix of yellow and blue, combines the best of both. It takes its clarity and optimism from yellow. Blue gives it calmness and insight. This is the color of good judgment, a sense of right and wrong.

Green reminds people of good things like home, friends and family, pets and nature. It is the color of gardening and good nutrition.

Green and Your Personality

Green is a great color to wear if you are feeling depressed. Hope and optimism are deep in its structure. Green calms nervousness and anxiety. It renews energy, gives a feeling of freedom and harmony.

Kermit the Frog says it’s not easy being green. But it’s a very soothing color to wear. Perhaps having the option to take off the green dress or the green headbands that makes it easy to wear. Perhaps if your body was naturally green, it would indeed be hard, just like Kermit sings.

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People who choose green are nurturing and lovable. They want to protect living things, whether pets, people or plants. A green lover tends to be an excellent observer and listener.

They often have beautiful surroundings--not necessarily grand, but harmonious and charming. People who like green can make good decisions because they are balanced and know right from wrong.

It’s not true that all people who love green are Irish. But you’d have to look far to find a true Celt who doesn’t love green.

Green and Red Commercials

On the color spectrum, there are naturally complementary colors. Certain pairings cause energy, drama and impact. According to studies, red and green paired up and next to each other can actually cause the eye to vibrate with energy.

Not sure what that says about Santa Claus. But in the National Football League, the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills played a dirty trick on fans back in 2015. For four games, they played each other in all red and all green uniforms, looking like Santa’s elves on steroids.

The uniforms were part of Nike’s Color Rush promotion. Nike got the teams to wear the special, all-one-color uniforms as a way to publicize their new line of clothing. What better way to grab attention than hijacking four nationally televised football games.

The fans didn’t appreciate it. The outfits the big elves were wearing got labeled “stupid” and “torture.” The 8% of the country that is colorblind, which usually includes red and green, couldn’t tell what players were playing for which team.

Green and Other Sports

Green has a more positive effect in auto racing, where the green flag means the start of the race. The green belt in judo tells wearers to push achievement high, just like green trees pushing to the sky.

Billiards tables are green. Since billiard cues are heavy, especially if you play a couple of games in a row, players might benefit from green wrist sweatbands to keep their hands sweat-free.

A famous French soccer team is called “les Vets,” the Greens. The Mexican national soccer team wears green. 

Very appropriately, the Boston Celtics basketball team wears green uniforms. And probably green basketball headbands to go with them.

So if you are looking for greener pastures for your athletic endeavors, don’t forget the wearing of the green sports headbands. They will enhance your natural sense of balance and optimism.

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