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Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Sweatbands
Sale price$ 4.99
Premium Terry Cloth Cotton Wristband Pair
Sale price$ 5.99
Headband / Wristband Set
Sale price$ 9.99
Zipper Wrist Wallet
Sale price$ 6.99
Solid Color Tapered Headband
Sale price$ 13.99
Solid Color Tie Headbands
Sale price$ 15.99
6 Inch Armband Pair
Sale price$ 7.99
4 Inch Armband Pair
Sale price$ 6.99
Kids Wristbands Pair
Sale price$ 4.99
Kids Headbands
Sale price$ 4.49
Kids Sweatband Set (1 Headband / 2 Wristbands)
Sale price$ 8.99
Sold out
Camo Headband / Wristbands Set
Sale price$ 8.99
Pink Ribbon Wristband Pair
Sale price$ 8.99
Suddora Football Towel
Sale priceFrom $ 14.99
Pink Ribbon Sweatband Set
Sale price$ 10.99

Suddora Sweatbands

When creating our products, we put ourselves in the shoes of professional athletes and hobbyists who still have a great passion for running, yoga, working out, cycling, and other sports. We ask ourselves two questions: What would these athletes want in a sweatband, and how can we create a product that meets those needs?

It turns out that most people who engage in sports want a variety of different solutions for absorbing sweat and keeping cool, so we started with the basic attributes – comfortable, breathable, and thick. Suddora products cater to most people trying to stop perspiration.

Over time though, we realized that this wasn't just about preventing sweating. It's also a fashion statement and a chance for athletes to express themselves on the field. That’s why we started creating more unique colors, styles, and types to choose from. We launched new categories and even have Officially licensed options for you to enjoy!

Since we had already mastered and produced high-end bands for absorbing sweat, it was only natural to answer our customer’s demands for new styles and variations. This includes our Breast Cancer Awareness designs, which are popular every October.

At Suddora, we’re not just committed to creating a great sweatband. We want to create a sweatband that works for you.

If you love our sweatbands, be sure to also check out our headbands. There will be many items you will want to add to your cart!

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