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Arm Sleeves For Sports – Why You Should Use Them

One of the current hot trends in sports is wearing compression arm sleeves and anyone who watches sports on a regular basis will have noticed an increasing number of cyclists, runners and other athletes donning these garments.Sports arm sleeves are not just for professionals though, and can become an essential part of your daily fitness wear wardrobe. What are the benefits of arm sleeves and why should you give them a try? Read on to find out.


The most important feature of sports arm sleeves is that they offer compression. Strategic compression of the muscles and soft tissues of the arms during activity has a number of benefits. Blood circulation is improved, which helps to keep the muscles warm, and this reduces the risk of injuries. Wearing compression sleeves also offers additional support and can reduce fatigue in sports such as cycling and baseball. It can also be beneficial to wear a compression arm sleeve if you sustain an injury, as it will help to minimize swelling and could even make the healing process quicker than it otherwise would be.

Comfort & Freedom of Movement

Like any piece of quality workout wear, sports arm sleeves are designed to maximize comfort as well as performance. Made from sleek technical fabric for a great fit, the best sports sleeves are stretchy enough to offer full freedom of movement yet stay in position when you are on the go. Generally, sports arm sleeves are made from fabrics such as Lycra, which are quick-drying and breathable to keep your skin ventilated and prevent chafing.


Sports arm sleeves also offer an extra layer of protection for your skin. The durable fabric can prevent abrasions, cuts and scratches if you have a fall, for example, or are running/cycling off-track where there are overhanging bushes.

Extra Features

Some sports arm sleeves offer additional features which can give you the advantage during your workout or training session. Thermal sleeves are designed to be worn when the mercury drops, but you don’t want to be weighed down with long-sleeved sweaters or t-shirts, while UV protective arm sleeves can prevent sunburn on hot summer days. You will also find a range of padded arm sleeves which give an extra layer of protection against injury.