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How much do you know about the history of the color yellow? Or about its meaning in general? It may not be something that you've spent a lot of time thinking about, so it may surprise you to know the many meanings and history behind this sunny color. Having this knowledge about the color yellow, or any color for that matter, increases the significance in how we wear it and what we do with it, thereby making it more meaningful in our everyday lives.

Yellow is most known to be the color of sunshine and happiness. It is found extensively in nature, has been used in art since the cave man days and is a prominent color in signs and symbols. Further exploration shows us a wide variety of meanings - some well known, others not so much. In either case, you may never look at that yellow headband the same way again.

Yellow Goes Way Back

Dating back over 17,000 years, yellow color made from clay was one of the first colors used in cave art. Since that time, it has been used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome, the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It wasn't until the 19th century or so, however, that yellow began being used to create emotions. Since that time, and with the development of commercially manufactured paints, the use of yellow has remained constant.

In nature, yellow is the color of lemons, egg yolks, bananas, birds, fish, insects and flowers. Carotenoids (natural yellow and red pigments) found in many plants and organisms are what give them their yellow color. The most common color of flowers is yellow, which is beneficial because it is highly visible and allows for easier pollination by insects. Birds are also particularly attracted to yellow.

In the fashion world, yellow is less common than other colors, but when worn, always attracts attention. It is most commonly associated with celebration and pleasure and is usually found at high fashion events or parties.

Yellow has been with us since the days of the cave man and is still widely utilized today. In modern times, we use yellow for everything from street lights to traffic signs to national flags. Its high visibility makes it perfect to get attention and provide warnings to drivers and pedestrians.

The Meaning of Yellow

Yellow is widely known as the color of sunshine, happiness, optimism and cheerfulness. And with good reason - have you ever seen a depressing daffodil? This association makes the color yellow useful in many applications, from children's toys and clothing to greeting cards.

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As representative of happiness, yellow is utilized throughout the world in things like smiley faces, balloons and decorations. It is commonly found in places like birthday parties, children's attractions or museums, any place where the mood is desired to be happy and upbeat. Oddly enough, very few people claim yellow as a favorite color, in spite of the positive connotations it brings.

Since it is seen as the color of sunlight, yellow is often associated with warmth. Even though white is also a color of light, yellow brings a warmth that white does not. Yellow light from a lamp seems warmer than stark white light and a room that is painted yellow has a warmer feel than one painted white. This association with light also links yellow to knowledge and wisdom. Since "bright" also means intelligent, the brightness of yellow is associated with intelligence. This is true in western countries as well as many other parts of the world.

Being the most visible color from a distance, yellow is widely used on vehicles and warning signs and lights that need to be viewed for safety or other reasons. School buses, taxicabs and construction equipment all are yellow to alert drivers and pedestrians to be more cautious. It is the common color used for warning signs, but not necessarily danger signs. It signals possible dangerous road conditions ahead as well as changes in terrain.

This versatile color has many uses and applications from ancient times until now. It is no wonder it is so widely used and recognized in our world today.

Yellow and You

So, what does yellow mean for you? It may not be your favorite color (or maybe it is!), but it can still play a useful role in your every day life. If you are looking at our sports headbands, for instance, choosing yellow can bring a different perception to whatever event you wear it to.

If you are facing a tough workout or maybe starting on a lengthy weight-loss journey, wearing a yellow sweatband or yellow wrist sweatbands can give you that added lift to keep your positive energy flowing. It may be a subconscious thing, but the results can be surprising. We often have changes in mood or feeling based on the colors we wear or see (whether we realize it or not) and the brightness of yellow can bring a brightness to our soul.

Maybe you are facing a tough opponent in a local game and the odds are against your team. Donning yellow basketball headbands could provide that boost to the team to get everyone united and in a positive frame of mind. The optimism that yellow brings is an added mental benefit, plus, the fact that it makes your team members highly visible doesn't hurt either! If you are in a new or uncomfortable situation or the "new kid at school", something as simple as a yellow cotton wristband can bring added warmth to your day and a feeling of cheer to keep you going until things are more familiar and comfortable. It only takes a small pop of color to make a big difference.

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Yellow is a color that is seen innumerable times by most of us, yet not always considered for its effect on us. It gets our attention, evokes moods and serves many purposes physically and emotionally. If you are looking for a lift, some added warmth or maybe just a little attention, yellow can be the way to go. Never underestimate the power of color and what it can do for you, your life and those around you. See all color options here.


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