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Sweatbands were extremely popular in the 1980’s, and even to date they refuse to dry out, they continue to remain prominent and trendy. The sweatbands are band worn on the head and wrist to prevent sweat from rolling down to eyes and palms of the hands. However, today unlike in the 80’s, the plain sweatbands can now be customized to suit your needs and size. The blank headbands and wristbands are embroidered to give a unique look.

The good old days

Andre Agassi with headband on

Headbands, wristbands, and sweatbands existed even before the tennis guru Andre Agassi made them fashionable. The ancient Greeks wore them on special occasions while the common man wore them to cover his head and keep cool during the warm seasons.

The history of color orange repeats itself

The color that is known today as orange was referred to in Old English as “Geol uh read,” meaning yellow-red. The name orange was adopted after the introduction of the eponymous fruit to English through the Spanish word Naranja. The color relates to autumn and is also tied to Buddhism and Hinduism. Orange represents fire in Hinduism, a metaphor for the internal change experienced by swamis donning orange robes.

Why use orange sweatbands?

The color orange radiates happiness and warmth. It blends the cheerfulness of yellow with the physical energy and stimulation of red. Unlike the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow, orange relates to gut reaction/ instincts.

Wearing the orange headbands and orange wrist sweatbands represents social communication and interaction hence stimulates a two-way relationship for example player-fan relationship.

Orange also brings a positive outlook on life as well as spontaneity. It’s a great color to wear during rough times. Therefore, wearing orange sweatbands keeps you motivated and helps you to look on the bright side of life.

The color orange inspires enthusiasm for life. It also relates to adventure and risk-taking. Wearing orange sports headbands encourage physical confidence, independence, and competition. The team wearing orange is always on the go!
Concerning the meaning of colors, orange is uninhibited and extroverted. It encourages exhibitionism or at the very least showing off.

Wearing orange sweatbands as a team inspires friendship. Wherever people get together to socialize and have fun, orange is always an ideal choice.

The color orange enhances vitality and rejuvenation. Orange has an extra balanced energy than red, not as aggressive and passionate, but full of life. It also helps to restore balance to our physical powers.

When and where can you wear color orange?

During tough times; orange gives emotional strength in rough times. It assists you to bounce back from despair and disappointments as well as recovering from grief.

During awareness campaigns days; to raise awareness of particular issues people are increasingly wearing orange wrist sweatbands and orange headbands to create awareness of matters such as self-harm, hunger and malnutrition, leukemia, lupus awareness and also to show support for the Dystonia awareness campaign.

Since color orange inspires friendship and stimulates social interaction, it can be worn on several occasions such as social gatherings.

Uses of the orange sweatbands

Absorbing sweat

People wear cotton wristbands for various purposes, but the primary reason they wear them is to stop sweat from making our hands slippery. They are particularly useful in sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, and golf among others. Players of these games highly depend on the hand-eye coordination. Therefore, wearing the sports wristbands significantly reduces the chance of a slip that causes an error.

In basketball, shooting hoops isn’t the most relaxing thing to do. You are going to sweat, so you might as well shoot in style. Wearing the orange basketball headbands ensure all the sweat is absorbed so you won’t ruin the game and also look cooler than the opponent!

Fundraising and cause

Orange Ribbon

Wristbands are being used for fundraising efforts and supporting significant causes. Orange wrist sweatbands can be used to promote fundraising for your team or project. Due to the extroverted nature of orange and the easy portability, the wrist sweatbands are ideal in fundraising.


Since other advertising media are becoming expensive by the day, companies are now opting for wristbands. The low cost of sweatbands makes it easier for firms to order in bulk and to freely hand them out. Choosing the sweatband as a promo item is ideal since there are high chances that people will wear them because they are lightweight and convenient. Using orange wrist sweat bands is more idyllic since it’s a color associated with vitality and warm-heartedness.

Additionally, headbands are not only used to stop sweat from rolling into the eyes but also to hold the hair in place. When doing the household chores, it helps to have a cotton headband to hold the hair back and keep the sweat in check. The wristband also stops the perspiration from rolling down and making the fingers slippery.

Why opt for orange cotton sweatbands?

Cotton wristbands and headbands are more functional than the ones made of other fabrics. By nature, cotton works as an absorbent. It’s also well ventilated; therefore your banded skin will breathe normally.

The sports sweatbands are stretchable; hence, they don’t clamp down around your wrist or head. You can adjust and wear them comfortably without feeling the pinch. The cotton sports sweatbands have a little amount of spandex to provide the stretch quality without removing the cotton intrinsic absorbing quality.

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Our cotton sweatbands come in different shapes and colors; the shapes vary from the slim band to the broad exotic accessory. The colors include red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and much more.

Sweatbands come in handy in any sports too as most sports' players depend on the hand-eye coordination. Wearing the headbands prevents sweat from rolling into the eyes and keeps the hair intact for clear visibility. The wrist sweatbands stop sweat from running to the palms of hands to avoid slips during sports like tennis, hockey, golf, and basketball.

The Bottom Line...

Wearing orange sweatbands represent physical confidence, competition, vitality as well as warm-heartedness. They also stimulate friendships and social communication. So when you go shopping for sweatbands, choose the orange headband and a matching orange wrist sweatband. See all color options here.


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