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Pink Ribbon Wristband Pair
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Suddora Football Hand Warmer
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Football is a hard hitting game - stability and focus can make or break you. Football sweat armbands help to keep your forearm more stable, but also help you avoid errors by absorbing sweat. These armbands are the same that the pro's wear - comfortable and durable.

The quarterback, wide receivers, tight end, running back and other positions all take advantage of football sweatbands. Sometimes that quarterback will have a armband with the plays inside of it to aide him during the game. These are commonly referred to as "play wristbands" and make the game run much smoother by holding important information and taking in sweat throughout the game.

Just Like the Professional Players

If you flip on the TV any Sunday during pro football season you will see many players wearing cotton armbands. They sometimes are wearing the bands for stability. Others are just wearing custom sweatbands with their team's logo for show. Either way, these sweatbands look awesome - that is why we decided to give you over 9 different colors to choose from. This makes it a lot easier to match your sweatbands up with your jersey or your favorite team's jersey.

Football Sweatbands for Breast Cancer

Many players decorate themselves in pink during the month of October to show their support for the many women around the world suffering from breast cancer. The most popular items to get during this time are breast cancer awareness sweatbands for football. Suddora carries pink wrist sweatbands, pink armbands, pink ribbon bands and will carry pink socks in the near future.

Wrist Coach Playbooks

In the past, football players would be called by the coach to the sidelines in order to be told about a particular strategy or signal that would help improve the game. This does happen even today but only for QBs and coaches you have not yet heard about the wrist coach football playbook.

The wrist coach football playbook is an intuitive device that has become a game changer not only in football but in lacrosse, tennis and other games. As a convenient tool, it helps QBs and other players to keep plays and signals close to their fingertips.

Football has become more complex and as time goes by, more strategies, more signals and more calls have to be made. The end game is simple – to win and beat the opponents in their own game.

This is where our football coach becomes a vital gadget. It has the capacity of holding up three index cards or pages of plays. This allows QBs and other players to achieve a fast way of making an offense against the opponents.

To ensure comfort and best fit during the game, the football playbook is designed with elastic material. This makes it suitable for both adults and young players. Velcro has been added to help secure the windows from flapping during game play. But when the time comes, the 3 view window provides a clear look at the index cards filled with calls, signals and strategies.

What are Football Playbooks?

 The Suddora football wristband provides one with the ability to view the playbook during game play. This makes it easier for the soccer, football or any other sports player to make call plays and view position assignments during a game.

They have become widely used among quarterbacks and others players who have been able to improve their game play tremendously. For the coach, it has become an easier task as he or she no longer needs to keep reminding the players about a particular strategy. It is already available on the wrist and the player can be able to make adjustments to the game quickly allowing the team to clinch the game.

Our football playbook is designed with 3 view windows which allow for multiple index cards to be stored. They are great for football, soccer and other outdoor sports which make the game play not only exciting but helps the team attain their goal – to win against their opponents.

How to use Football Wristbands

Using the football wristbands is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is prepare index cards. The index cards should measure less than 5 by 4 inches. Start by developing the strategies and game plays on a tablet or laptop. Once you are done, you can print the game plays and strategies on the index cards.

Football Wristbands

Once you have done so, you can opt to have the index cards laminated. While the football wristbands come with a clear plastic that covers the windows and prevents moisture from damaging the index cards, laminating them provides extra protection.

Slide the index cards in the slots located on the side of the wristband windows. The best thing about the playbook is that it has 3 view windows which allow for different angles of view. When the index cards are fitted, a player can be able to make call plays and even view position assignments during a game. 

Suddora Football Wristbands

As one of the best wrist playbooks suitable for quarterbacks, the Suddora wrist coach playbook band is a must have for a QB who is looking to take his team to the highest level. Yes, all team members are briefed in the locker room just before the game. They even spend hours every week in order to practice and attain the much needed experience that will allow them to defeat their opponents. With the football wristband, QBs can be able to adjust the strategies according to the index cards available. This will definitely put the opponents in a guessing game.

Our wristband is designed with heavy duty Velcro which helps to keep your play a secret. Thanks to the design, the playbook fits around the wrist well so the player is assured of not losing the index cards during game play. It does not slip off the arm frequently which can be distracting during game play.

About Suddora Playbooks

  1. They are fitted with 3 view windows that measure 5 by 4 inches. This provides clear visibility from different angles.
  2. They are designed with Velcro which helps to keep your plays and strategies a secret.
  3. The material can hold up even after several washes
  4. It is designed with elastic material which can fit on different wrist sizes
  5. The 3 view windows are lined with clear plastic material that prevents damage to the index cards.
  6. It is light and weighs only 3 ounces.
  7. Available in Youth Size and Adult Size.

The material is machine washable which makes it easier to remove the game day stains. The windows are fitted with clear plastic material that offers clear view of the cards during the game. The clear plastic provides protection to the cards and prevents damage to them especially from rain and sweat.

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