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Famous TV Stars Who Wore Sweatbands

Famous TV Stars Who Wore Sweatbands


The life of a celebrity looks incredibly glamorous.

They have fame, wealth, and popularity that most of us could only dream of. But most TV stars have to work hard to achieve their fame. And working hard also includes working out.

Here are some of your favorite TV stars who wear sweatbands and make it look good.


Kaley Cuoco

One of the hit stars of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco is a household name. Since 2007 she has played the girl next door for America’s most loveable nerds as Penny Hofstadter. Before playing Penny, Cuoco also did voice work for Bratz and Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

Kaley had a recurring role on Charmed playing Billie Jenkins as well. In all, she has 61 credits to her name so far. And while the Big Bang Theory has wrapped up for good now, Cuoco is still busy as she will play Harley Quinn in an upcoming TV series.

Of course, popularity does come with certain expectations. Kaley Cuoco works out hard and has been spotted frequently wearing sweatbands for her workouts.


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John Altman

John Altman is probably best known for his work in EastEnders, a regular series on BBC One. The show is famous for tackling a number of current issues including euthanasia, prejudice, and unemployment.

John Altman plays “Nasty” Nick Cotton, a rather unsavory character who has been involved in a number of murders, was rumored to be dead himself and returned after a long absence only to finally die.

In addition to his role in the popular show, Altman has starred in many other TV shows and movies and is one of those actors you often spot in a show and think, “Oh I know that guy!”

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Homer Simpson

Since 1989, the Simpsons has been one of the most popular shows on television. The patriarch of the Simpson family, Homer has spawned a number of famous lines including “D’oh!”

In 2001, “D’oh!” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary due to its increasing popularity and use among English Speakers. Of course, Homer’s love of donuts and Duff beer have taken a heavy toll on his body.

So, from time to time Homer feels the need to work out and try to get in better shape. And when Homer works out, he can usually be spotted wearing a headband to keep the sweat out of his eyes.

Here’s hoping this will be the time he finally sticks to the program and gets in shape!


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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is probably most famous for his work on the silver screen. Many people may not be aware that he got his first acting credit in the TV Series Unsolved Mysteries. 

This 90’s show provided dramatic reenactments of crimes and other mysterious events and asked viewers with any information to call in to help solve the mystery.

In the 2000s his smoldering looks saw him cast in several romantic comedies until he took a break in 2011 to move his career in a different direction.

Since that time, McConaughey has largely starred in serious dramas that have won him Best Actor awards from the Academy Awards and Golden Globes. But one of his most critically acclaimed roles has been in the TV series Dallas Buyers Club.

While working out, McConaughey may be seen wearing a headband or sweat wristbands. You didn’t think he was just born looking like that, did you?


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