5 Famous Tennis Players Who Wear Sweatbands

5 Famous Tennis Players Who Wear Sweatbands

Suddora Suddora

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For those who don’t follow the sport closely, it might come as a surprise that tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports out there.

Tennis players are constantly sprinting for hours at a time to reach the ball in their court. Sprinting involves a powerful explosion of force that demands more from a body than a marathon, yet tennis matches will frequently last longer than most marathons.

As a result of all that hard work and exertion, tennis players sweat a lot, and must constantly be replenishing fluids as they play. But managing sweat is an important part of any tennis player’s game.

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A player cannot be dealing with hair in their face or sweat stinging their eyes and so wear headbands. A tennis player must also keep their hands bone dry for maintaining a good grip on the racquet.

For this reason, many tennis players wear very wide wristbands, often wearing more than one at a time. So it should come as no surprise that your favorite tennis players consider sweatbands to be an essential part of their gear.


#1 Roger Federer

Roger Federer is currently number 3 in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) rankings. But he has held the number 1 ranking for 310 weeks in his long career.

Roger first entered the top 100 rankings in 1999 and he quickly rose to the top and never looked back. Born in Switzerland, Federer speaks five different languages and is as hard-working off the court as on the court.

He established the Roger Federer Foundation to help disadvantaged children have access to athletics. And in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he donated the racquet from his US Open Championship to help aid victims.


#2 Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is currently the number 1 ranked women’s tennis player by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). While Osaka has been playing at a high level for some time now, she really rose to prominence after defeating Serena Williams in the 2018 US Open.

Osaka was born in Osaka Japan, but her family moved to the United States when she was just three years old. Her father had no experience playing tennis himself, but decided to teach his daughters to play after watching the Williams sisters play in 1999.

Despite her shy personality, Osaka is aggressive on the court and her winning record show it.


#3 Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a legendary tennis player who is still going strong. Nadal won his first Grand Slam Title in 2005, but is still ranked number 2 overall in the ATP rankings.

Nadal has won a total of 17 Grand Slam titles, but his greatest achievements have come on the clay courts. He has won a record 57 clay court titles, a number that will likely be a long time in falling. Interestingly, Nadal is a left-handed player, giving lefties worldwide someone to look up to.

Most photos of Nadal on the court show him with a wide headband and an armband or wristband on each arm.


#4 Serena Williams

One of the few native-born American players to reach the top ranks in tennis, Serena Williams is a force on and off the tennis court. Serena has held the #1 WTA ranking for 319 weeks and holds the most Grand Slam titles among active women’s players today.

In Grand Slam doubles matches she is unbeaten, playing alongside her sister Venus – one of the top female tennis players in her own right. But off the court, Serena is also a sought after spokesperson for many products.

This has helped catapult Serena into being one of the highest paid female athletes in the world. She is just as famed for her style as her playing ability, and never plays without a classy looking headband.


#5 Novak Djokovic

The unquestioned leader of the pack, Novak Djokovic is the greatest player in tennis today. He is the number 1 ranked ATP player, a position he has held for over 250 consecutive weeks now.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Djokovic turned pro in 2003 but shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Born in Servia, Novak speaks 5 languages and considers himself a lover of language. Novak married his high school sweetheart, and they have remained married since 2014.

While it’s unusual for his sport, Djokovic is often seen on the court without a headband. But he always sports a very wide wristband, and usually multiple wristbands while playing.

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