3 Popular Football Players Who Wear Sweatbands

3 Popular Football Players Who Wear Sweatbands

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Football is one of the hardest hitting, most physically intense sports in the world.

Playing in the NFL requires an unmatched level of commitment and physicality as well as mental agility at almost every position.  Football is played in rain, snow, intense heat, or brutal cold.

For that reason, the accessories football players wear is almost as important as the training they receive. Here is a look at some of the more famous football players who wear sweatbands, as well as how they use them in practice and in play.


Before we begin, let's consider the types of headbands football players wear

The answer can vary from player to player, and from one position to another. For example, it’s not very common for a quarterback to wear a headband during a game. For offensive or defensive linemen, however, it’s almost essential.

During practice, football players will often wear a wide headband at the top of their forehead to keep sweat out of their face. Players with long hair may use a headband to keep their hair back. But some of the hardest working players in the trenches wear headbands designed to help cool their whole head.



Why Do Football Players Wear Armbands?

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Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith is an offensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys. He is 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 320 pounds. Tyron is a six-time Pro Bowler and a six-time First-team All-Pro player.

As an offensive lineman, Smith must physically punish the defensive lineman across from him on every play but must also make constant mental adjustments based on the play called and the stance of the defense.

Tyron Smith plays at an elite level that not only impacts his position but is a huge key to the Dallas run and pass offense. On the sidelines, you will usually see Smith with a skullcap type headband that helps wick away sweat and keep his head cool during the game.


Keeping Your Hands Dry

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For many NFL players, keeping your hands dry is also very important. Whether you are the quarterback gripping the ball on every play, the center hiking the snap, the running back taking the handoff, or the cornerback trying to snag an interception, keeping your hands dry can make the difference in a successful play.  

So it’s not surprising that many NFL players use a variety of different types of wristbands, wristbands, and sports sleeves to keep sweat off their hands and stay cool while playing at a high level.


Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a legend and in any conversation of the greatest of all time at Quarterbacks. That wide wristband on one hand is essential for calling plays in the huddle. But other than that, you will often see Brady wearing sports sleeves to help keep cool in a tough game. Turning 42 this year, Brady has more Super Bowl rings than most NFL franchises!

He has been the Super Bowl MVP four times, been selected to the Pro Bowl 14 times, and has been the NFL MVP three more times. Brady is a big part of the New England juggernaut and is still playing at the highest level still today.

But it’s not just quarterbacks who need to keep their hands dry for each play.


Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack is an outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears. He is a four-time Pro-Bowler and last year was signed to a six-year contract extension making him the highest paid defensive player of all time. Mack is widely regarded as one of the most impactful players on defense in the league.


Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is in the trenches of the defensive line playing as a tackle for the Los Angeles Rams. Donald has been selected for the Pro Bowl five times and has been named First-team All-Pro four times in his career. Donald is a beast in getting to the quarterback and led the league in sacks in 2018. He was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2017 and 2018.


Both Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald rely on quickness, strength, and a good grip in playing at their best

For these players, and many defensive players, that means wearing a wristband at times, or even more common, armbands pushed up near their biceps. No matter the position, from Quarterback to the Kicker, dealing with sweat and staying cool during play is key to playing at the highest level. That’s why even the elite football players in the NFL often rely on sweatbands to help them play their best.

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