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5 Great Ideas for Using Sweatbands for Team Building Activities

5 Great Ideas for Using Sweatbands for Team Building Activities


Whether active or not, almost all of us are familiar with the sweatband. Ever since the early 1900’s sweatbands have been utilized for a wide array of purposes, from sweat absorption to hair control the possibilities are endless.

At Suddora, our sweatbands are crafted from only the highest quality materials, with plenty of different colors and styles available. Therefore, you can easily choose the sweatband that is going to work best for your individual sport or exercise activity.

From tennis to basketball, baseball to football, or more personal activities like yoga—sweatbands have more than proven their worth in the world of sports and fitness.


Beyond sweat absorption, the noble sweatband goes the distance

To help you cool down, stay dry, hold your hair back, and maintain your focus. Ultimately, they make it more convenient to stay active and working towards your end goals.

If you frequent the gym or yoga studio, you will surely notice the popularity of the sweatband as they are commonly used by active people all over the globe. What you might not realize, however, is that sweatbands can be quite useful for several other reasons as well.

From team coordination and identity to morale building, the sweatband proves itself time and time again to be not only a useful workout accessory but a handy tool for team building activities as well.


Sweatbands and Team Building

Team building exercises are an imperative tool that can work with building a strong company or team. Furthermore, it serves as a great source of motivation, inspiration, familiarity between coworkers, and overall success.

Green and yellow teams building trust

If you happen to manage an office full of employees or either coach or lead a team, you are likely more aware of the need for strength for a successful outcome.

Although sports and office politics have nothing to do with one another, there is at least one thing that they have in common: an individual’s need to be validated and appreciated.

When you have a group working together either in the office or in the field, you are only as strong as your weakest link. In turn, team building activities are an excellent way to enforce strength and encourage the growth of said individuals, as well as within the team as a whole.

I know what you're thinking—what do sweatbands have to do with team building?

Absolutely everything.

Ever seen a professional team all donning sweatbands of the same style and color? Or even a group of runners participating in a marathon? The reason for this is simple – it brings a group with the same goals together.

Ultimately, through coordination and relation, something as simple as a sweatband can unite groups of all kinds, inevitably producing the optimal results you desire. Let’s take a closer look at some of the better ideas for using sweatbands in team building exercises and find out which one of them could work for you.


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Low-Tech Social Networking

When it comes right down to it, bringing a team together requires a good deal of flexibility and understanding. That is why we highly recommend trying out this activity whether it be for a sports team of your staff.

Get your different colored headbands ready and prepare to dive in and strengthen your team!


Duration – 30 – Minutes

  1. Prepare your sweatbands by dividing them up so that each one of your departments or positions has its own color distinction
  2. Design a color code or key that explains what each color means
  3. Make a chart using arrows to represent how your departments/team works together by showing the chain reaction of how each employee plays a role in running the company
  4. Now, have your team line up in this order so they can visually see the inner workings of the business and how one person’s actions affect the other employees


Back of the Napkin

We’ve all been there – in the middle of the bar discussing work when either we have an idea or need to remember something important. What do we do in these situations? Often times, we will scribble these details down on the nearest piece of paper OR napkin.

Black writing on back of white napkin

This particular exercise is like that with creativity and problem-solving in order to win the game. Ultimately, it allows your employees or team to think outside of the box. Most of all, this too uses sweatbands.


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Duration: 10 – 20 Minutes

  1. Begin by dividing your group into six teams, each with 3-4 participants and assign each team a particular color to be represented by sweatbands for easy identification
  2. Now, imagine some open-ended problems that could occur in relation to your business or game
  3. Provide each team with a folded napkin with the problem inside along with a writing utensil
  4. Ask your team to illustrate the solution to the said problem on the back of their napkins
  5. Provide a reward for the most innovative idea!


Zombie Escape

In today’s world, zombies are practically everywhere we look from video games to movies, television, and more. They happen to be quite popular these days, which is why this game is a hit.

Not only does this game demands teamwork, but it also strengthens a person’s decision-making skills and the ability to make choices under pressure.


Duration: 30 – 45 Minutes

  1. Gather your team into a large open space such as a parking lot, field, or conference room, and lock the door should that be an option
  2. Pick a person specifically to play the zombies and use a green sweatband to identify them as such, so the team knows
  3. Tie the “zombie” to a rope attached to one end of the area with a foot of rope
  4. Lay out a series of puzzles or clues to help them reach the hidden or imaginary key to escape
  5. Every five minutes, give the “zombie” more rope until he or she can reach the other players
  6. Whoever is touched is out of the game until one person escapes!


Created Economy

Duration: 30 – 45 Minutes

While a discussion concerning politics and other related issues in an office or team setting, leaving the real politics behind and focusing on an ideal economy is a great exercise.

Divide your group into even teams, designating each group with matching sweatbands, and allow them to do in exercise in economics and debate to ultimately strengthen their character while allowing them to speak freely.

  1. Form your teams, explain the exercise, and hand out a corresponding handful of sweatbands to each so everyone matches with their group
  2. Provide them with writing materials and prompt everyone to take a seat and pretend that we live in a new civilization. One without government but with all of life’s essentials. All except an economy
  3. Put each team in charge of planning out an economics plan for your new world – it exercises the mind and strengthens their trust in one another


Team Fun Run

Duration – TBD

If you are familiar with the hit tv show the office, then you already know just where we are going with this—minus rabies, of course. If you are totally lost, hang with us.

Group of runners on wet street

The idea of a fun run is to set up a competition where you can choose to raise money for a charity or for your organization while running and earning the donations. This breeds healthy competition and physical fitness – it’s a win-win.

  1. Determine the cause you want to use to create a fun run. You may even browse the internet and find an organization or fundraiser to join that will ultimately help and maybe even host your event
  2. Gather all of the individuals on your team or in your place of business who do not have health issues that prevent them from being active. You will want to organize this event ahead of time so that participants have time to prepare and gather their funds
  3. On the day of, it is a fantastic idea to hand out sweatbands for each participant so they maintain vision, stay dry, and do not overheat



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Sweatbands and Team Building for Strength and Success

As we mentioned prior, sweatbands have endless potential – which you can probably now see for yourself. Ultimately, team building within any type of organization is highly ideal for a number of beneficial purposes.

It is never easy gathering a group of people together to ultimately come together and work toward the same goal. People disagree, argue, and even refuse to work together at times.

This does anything but help a business or team reach success. Therefore, we highly recommend purchasing a variety of sweatbands and getting down to business!

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