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There are many types of the color yellow, so what separates neon yellow from the rest of the yellows?

The first thing you need to know is what makes neon yellow neon? First, think of the bright lights of Broadway or Las Vegas. Those bright lights are all the result of running electricity through a gas called neon. That is why it is such an electric color! It is wrong to call it fluorescent because we are talking about two different naturally occurring chemical gases.

But enough of the chemistry lesson. You want to know why neon yellow should be your color of choice for a sports headband or wristband.

Ask yourself what you think of when you think about the color yellow:

Caution – as in flashing traffic lights
Warning – as in “under construction”
Sunny – and warm (or hot)
Bright – as the sun is
Safety – when you see people wearing crossing guard or construction site vests
Leaders - in sports, the leader in the Tour de France cycling race wears a neon yellow jacket

All these have one thing in common – they are intended to get your attention fast. The neon yellow variation will get the attention of others even faster.

History of Neon Yellow

Every color has a history, and it helps to know something about a color’s history because you may be sending off signals to other people who do not see it the way you do. You may look great wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants in the middle of a humid 90 degree day, but there are more than a few people who will question your mental health.

First of all, neon yellow is a natural color for all seasons. In the summertime a brightly shining sun is more than a good reason to go to the beach or plan your vacation. In the wintertime, it is a welcome color because it makes the outdoors tolerable by breaking through the grey clouds and warming up your body. The news gets even better because you can’t get any brighter of a neon yellow than the sun.

Kids Neon Yellow:

Those of you who are fashionistas may have heard that neon yellow is the color of 2016. Runway models have donned elegant dresses from designers such as Joseph and Roksanda with neon yellow being the dominant color. Introducing neon colors, including neon yellow, started about a decade ago with designers such as Louis Vuitton, Anna Sui, and Marc Jacobs when they began coloring their models with neon yellow hair. Shortly after that, Make Up For Ever and M.A.C. began including the color in their cosmetic lines.

If you are going to make a fashion statement with your choice of sports sweatbands or wristbands, whether they are cotton or terrycloth, 2016 is they year for neon yellow.

Neon Yellow in Music

The color yellow has a long cultural history in America, but if they had only known how much neon yellow would have made their message resonate either more with the culture, it is obvious they would have chosen neon yellow. Here are some songs that would have really driven the point home with neon yellow.

  • The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” has to be neon yellow. Enough said.
  • Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow” song was popular because the rumor going around in 1967 was that you could get high by smoking scrapings from the inside of banana peels. Even though it wasn’t true, you have to believe many of the listeners of the song, which hit #2 on the Billboard charts, were seeing neon yellow.
  • Of more recent vintage is Coldplay’s 2000 Grammy nominated single, “Yellow.” Those stars would have shined a lot brighter if they were neon yellow. (But unfortunately the lyrics would be challenged to fit into the music.)

Naturally Occurring Neon Yellows

In case you are wondering, there are no animals that have a truly naturally occurring neon yellow color. But there are a few birds and fish that are particularly noteworthy.

The Electric Yellow Fish found in East Africa radiates its natural neon yellow color. Why do you think they named it “electric” ? There is also the Yellow Tang, popular with some aquarium owners but often loses its brightness during the night.

Among the birds, although they are not 100 percent neon yellow, the Yellow Warbler stands out from the rest of the flock as having the most dominating neon yellow coloring.

Neon Yellow As Seen By Other Cultures

Like music, much of the religious symbolism attached to neon yellow is not prominent – only because they didn’t know the color existed. But the underlying theme of “the brighter the better” makes neon yellow a perfect choice for many religious symbols.

In China, yellow is the color of happiness, glory, and wisdom. Nothing but good comes from making these qualities even brighter.

Neon yellow can send strong sexual signals in people familiar with the Chinese culture. In China, the term “yellow movie” is commonly used to politely talk about movies of a pornographic nature. For those who are martial arts enthusiasts, it is worth nothing that Bruce Lee in his unfinished movie “The Game of Death” was wearing an almost neon yellow outfit during the final scenes.

In many other cultures, the color is seen as one representing optimism and pleasure. For life to be even more optimistic and pleasurable is yet another reason to adopt neon yellow as part of your wearables collection.

Where to Wear Neon Yellow

Since there is neon yellow underwear for women and men, having matching sports clothing seems to be fashionably appropriate. The same goes for those with blonde or neon colored hair. Whether you are just out for a walk or some serious workout routine, a neon yellow headband makes a striking statement.

Neon Yellow Logo Headbands:

But even if you choose some of the more subdued colors for sports shorts and shirts, matching neon colored socks with a neon yellow headband and wristbands works as well. You can be color coordinated while making your own personal statement.

Is there a bad time to wear neon yellow? No! During the day it makes you look bright and sunny and is easily visible even in the brightest sunlight. If you have to ask about nighttime wear, just ask yourself how visible someone wearing neon yellow is when your headlights flash on them.

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