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Neon Green Headbands: It’s Fun Being Green

Green is the color the earth, and lovers of this color live lives of harmony, balance and growth. Add neon to the mix and you have a true growth spurt. Boing.

Neon shouts, “Here I am!” Green is also the color of abundance. A touch of neon can lead to an abundance of attention.

Regular green has vitality, neon green is supercharged.If you choose neon green sweatbands, your teammates will be green with envy at your trendy choice.

What Is Green?

Green sits between blue and yellow on the color spectrum. It is a primary color, along with red and blue. Together, the three can create all the other colors on the spectrum.

Green comes from the Anglo-Saxon work grene, which means grass and grow. It is the most commonly seen color in the physical world. Grass, trees, shrubs, flowers, all are green. That’s why it is used for springtime, rebirth and the environment.

Did you know that your pituitary gland is stimulated each time you behold green? This relaxes your muscles, decreases allergy symptoms and dilates your blood vessels. All of these physical manifestations help relieve stress. The bottom line is that looking at green stuff outside is relaxing. Studies show that people who spend time doing just that read better and are more creative.

What Is Neon?

Neon is actually an inert gas that is used in fluorescent lamps and restaurant signs. The component that makes colors brighter, enough so to earn the moniker “neon,” are actually benefiting from the effects of fluorescence.

But that’s a tough word to spell. It just doesn’t work in ad signs for trendy running shoes or sports bras: “Fluorescent Green Sport Ts.” Nah. Not the same as a brisk “Neon Green Sports Ts.”

It all has something to do with how the brain and eyes perceive brightness, what they expect and what they actually see. Fluorescent pigments trick the eye, making colors super bright. And if you want to know more, you can check out Wikipedia and Chemistry Explained.

What Is Neon Green?

When you see neon green, your eye and brain are experiencing green zapped with fluorescence. And it’s bright. It is still the color of the earth, but under the influence.

Is there such a thing in real life? Almost. Some parrots have such striking color that it looks like is neon colored. The same is true of some butterflies, spiders and a few plants. In the sea, fish, coral, jellyfish and mantis shrimp look neon colored. Some protein is green fluorescent, though totally unappetizing.

And what does this mean for you, the lover of neon green headbands and other sports gear?

The Psychology of Neon Green

Green is the balanced color. It brings to mind nature, rebirth and spring. It is also the color of money, optimism and prosperity. Greenbacks are what you spend to buy your neon green wrist sweatbands and neon green basketball headbands.

Green is for vitality, it is youthful and it radiates good health. Green spaces are spots for relaxing and letting your creativity flow. Green means progress, as in when a project gets the green light.

Green is the color of the heart chakra, which is the link from the physical to the spiritual world. The green chakra is for love, empathy and compassion.

Neon green is all of the above, but more so. It is vitality and prosperity and good health, all waving happily to grab attention.

Neon Green and Your Personality

When you choose neon green, you are saying you love the limelight and you want to share your optimism. You are relaxed and balanced, and out to meet and greet the world.

Green neon sports bands are playful, youthful and fun. Because you are balanced and sensible, you have chosen headbands, which are a very practical addition to your sports wardrobe. But you want to have a good time with practical stuff. Neon lovers just hate boring.

People with an aura that is shimmering green, which sounds close to neon green, are social butterflies. They love being with others and to play on a team. They like the limelight and are terrific storytellers. They make a team workout really go!

Neon Green and What You Wear

Of all the neon colors in the current trend, neon green is the most popular. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, JLo, Rihanna and Beyonce all have been photographed in striking neon green pants, shirts, bikinis and other assorted wear.

What they have in common is the fact that they have the guts to wear a daring color. They don’t go unnoticed. And if you wear gear like sports headbands in neon green, you won’t be a wallflower either. Confidence is an essential accessory when you choose neon colors.

The blogger on Cheap and Cheerful Shopper recommends pairing a neon green camisole top with denim jeans, then painting your fingernails and toenails in various shades of neon.

A tad more conservative, the people at Fashionisers suggest wearing a neon green dress, but toning it down with a blazer in a neutral or black color. And they recommend ditching the neon accessories like bangles and hoops. But of course your neon green wrist sweatbands are always in fashion.

Neon Green and Sports

Neon green has made a splash at Pro Bowls, National Hockey League All-Star games and the Australian Open. Because the 20-something demographic currently loves neon everything, sports team are appealing to them by adding stripes in neon colors, and sometimes making the entire uniform look like a glow stick.

Reebok made uniforms for the 2015 NHL All-Star game. They featured neon green stripes, quite a change for a league that is known for its conservatism.

The Oregon Ducks have lots of neon green on their uniforms. And the Australian Open clothing made wearers look like walking highlighters.

If you love neon green sweatbands, your team is lucky to have you. You are energetic, optimistic, open hearted and fun to be around. You are relaxed, healthy and compassionate. And you love attention!

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