Rainbow Headbands
Rainbow Headbands
Rainbow Headbands

Rainbow Headbands

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Style:Sweatband Set
Ships from NV, USA
Product Details
  • Rainbow Headbands - Head sweatbands are great to use during basketball, running, cycling and other sports. We make our headbands with an ultra, high-quality material so it doesn't irritate your head. This means you can wear it longer while doing your physical activity.
  • Ships Same Day.
  • Ultra Comfy and Durable!
  • Absorbs sweat like a champ!
  • Match up these headbands to your uniform or event.

Tapered Headbands Specs:


  • Wide / Thick Coverage - This headband has 3.5" coverage and is perfect for under helmets, protecting your head from the sun, and much more.
  • Advanced Non-Slip Technology - Our tapered headbands stay in place! Once you put it on, it's on for your entire workout!

    Tie Headbands Specs:
  • Versatile Tie Style - This headband ties in the back which makes it perfect for a variety of sports - tennis, basketball, and much more! 

  • Terry Cloth Specs:

  • Material: 65% Cotton / 30% Nylon / 5% Rubber
  • 7 inches x 2 inches, perfect fit.