The Benefits of wearing Athletic Accessories in Workouts and Playing Sports

The Benefits of wearing Athletic Accessories in Workouts and Playing Sports

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We see it at the gyms and all over television throughout time... From John Mcenroe in the '70s to Michael Jordan in the '80s and '90s, to the Williams sisters today, along with gym-goers all over the world, we see them do what? Accessorize, wearing small things like headbands, armbands, wristbands, and other accessories during play and workouts. For most who do, it's a fashion statement. I remember I was a kid watching the Bulls and Cubs play and  Michael Jordan or Derek Lee.  


In his Cub days wear sweatbands while they were doing their thing, and it made me run to the store looking for the same thing. Just to look the part...These guys were winners. Derek was always among the league's top home run hitters and almost went for a triple crown one year and how many rings did Mike win? Kids and everyone else playing sports for fun or a team followed them back then. And it is the same thing today. Kids, even adults, see these stars wearing arm sleeves, headbands, or wristbands, and they run to get them as well. 

The question is, do people really wear them for the right purposes? Most don't. How many guys or gals do you see wipe the sweat off their brow with a wristband? I see them use their shirts instead.  They don't want to get them dirty or funky. Or even people notice wearing arm sleeves can feel the cooling aspect of the sleeves or the thermal depending on the weather, or the compression aspect of it? Not many; we just want to look cool while we wear these things. Some people wear headbands, but they wear them sitting up in their hair instead of right at the hairline to catch the dripping sweat... People miss the entire aspect of these kinds of accessories to score maximum benefit.

Using a wristband to wipe that sweat off your face helps a lot. Sweat dripping into your eyes isn't a perfect feeling. Headbands and wristbands can play a huge part in elevating your game, which is something Suddora is all about. It's in the company title to elevate your game, get to the next level!

Why wear arm sleeves? I'll give you several reasons other than looking cool on your bike or the court!

  • Protects from cuts and scratches.
  • Helps your arms stay warm and loose; when you're hitting the courts, you stay on FIRE!
  • Limit swelling from injury and helps during injury recovery
  • Covers bad tattoos at work
  • Compression helps blood flow.

Why wear sweatbands?

  • Keep the sweat from affecting your game.
  • Hands stay dryer so you won't lose grip on the ball, bat, or tennis racket.
  • You can wipe the sweat off of your face.
  • Cause Michael Jordan does it, and he's the best! And they look really cool if you match them with your gym shorts or shirt...
  • Very stylish when properly coordinated

And that's just a few, talk to a doctor some of them wear arm sleeves while performing surgery's. And they even come UV protected now, check out Suddora's colorful selection! If you are working out or playing sports outdoors, this could be a huge plus. The sun is hazardous!

In addition to sleeves, how many people watching the Superbowl noticed Russel Wilson wearing a lime green mouth guard in the game. It looks cool next to his green uniform (cause accessorizing is awesome), but the real purpose is to keep his teeth in his mouth and not scattered across the end zone.

Accessorizing during games is huge on every level, from school to pro sports! This is a fact from my playing days to my youth coaching nowadays. Kids everywhere mimic what they see their favorite athletes doing. That's why Nike and Under Armour pay these guys enough to buy a small country for wearing their gear for the world to see. How many kids wear headbands just because they see Lebron James do so?  



Or the entire Heat team and the rest of the NBA, for that matter.

The point is if you're going to accessorize, do it big and do it right, meaning do it for the benefit, not just the look. And if you are more about the looks than the benefit, do it right, match your uniforms or gym outfits completely just one more huge benefit you'll find shopping with All these accessories, from shoelaces to mouth guards to match any outfit color you can put together for all sports! And the line with Suddora is constantly growing. There is even a kids line out there for the little guys and Yoga and the running and cycling crowd! Check out Suddora in a couple more weeks. You'll even be able to coordinate athletic sports tape with your outfits! Taping your ankles or wrists for the big game look good doing it.


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