Running In The Rain

Running In The Rain

Suddora Suddora

I remember running the High School Track and Cross Country, and it was raining one day, and Chief made us get out there and run in the rain. He told us it would be good for us.

I thought the old man was crazy... So about a week ago, I gave Chief a call and asked him what was so good about running in the rain. It's been bugging me for almost 20 years, I had to know.

He made some great points.

  • You won't have to worry about heat exhaustion.
  • There is more oxygen in the air when it rains, making breathing much easier to do!

It helps build mental and physical toughness; it's tougher than running in normal conditions. Makes you dig deeper when running in regular conditions when you need to push yourself.



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Tips for Running in the Rain


Improve Your Running Habits Big Time!


If you can do it when it's a rough day out, why can't you do it better and faster on a nice day? Like those Rocky movies running in the cold and the rain.

Rocky Standing with his arms wide after running up steps

  • You work more muscles, Slippery roads, muddy conditions, and wet turns require more care. Your body compensates as you place your feet and keep better control of your balance. Doing this requires smaller coordinating muscles, conditioning your legs as if you were trail running. Stronger legs translate into more endurance and faster race times.
  • Best of all you won't have to worry about cleaning your shoes after!a woman wearing a tracksuit running in the rain


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