How to Wear a Sweatband

How to Wear a Sweatband

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Sweatbands usually come in two different forms: headbands and wristbands. There are all sorts of different kinds of technology that can soak up and prevent sweat.

None of these developments in managing sweat seem to be as effective as a terry cloth sweatband. The thick and comfortable cotton in Suddora sports headbands and wristbands simply absorb sweat better than any other options on the market.

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On The Head: Keep Your Eyes Open

If you are watching any tennis match or basketball game, you will likely see the athletes wearing headbands. This is no accident; they are protecting their vision.

Prevent sweat from getting in your eyes!

During sporting events like this and many others, hand-eye coordination is so important. If you lose your coordination for even a split second, you lost the game.

Our sweat headbands are made of high-quality cotton that is thick yet very comfy. This material is perfect for absorbing even the most perfuse sweaters out there!


On Your Wrist / Arm: Keep Your Hands Dry

Although many people instantly think of headbands when they hear the word sweatbands, there are two other types. There are also wristbands and armbands.

Woman in yellow t shirt playing tennis

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Both of these are commonly worn at the wrist or forearm by many different types of athletes, including those that participate in baseball, tennis, basketball, and football. Let’s look at two different use cases for wristbands.


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Quarterback During a Football Game

Anyone who touches the ball during the course of a football game (quarterback, receiver, running back, etc.) needs to have a good grip. Even the best pair of gloves cannot stop sweat from happening. This is why many players wear wrist sweatbands and use football towels.

Quarterback Sweatbands

When the quarterback gets the ball, he does not have the luxury of wearing a glove on his throwing hand like many other players. This is obviously because the aim is crucial, and anything in-between your hand and the ball would potentially mess it up. This is where armbands can help out.

If a quarterback wears a terry-cloth armband, they can prevent sweat from dripping down to their hands, which causes fumbles and other unnecessary errors such as the ball slipping while you are throwing it. The quarterback can also wear a band at their wrist to promote stability.


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Point Guard During a Basketball Game

A point guard has the responsibility of running a basketball team’s entire offense. It is no easy task. The person must be organized, call shots on the spot, and get the ball to the correct players efficiently.

For the reasons above, this person mustn't make mistakes. Both wrist sweatbands and headbands can prevent many errors, such as the ball slipping out of your hands or you temporarily being blinded by sweat.

One thing a point guard never wants while setting up a play is for the ball to end up in the opposing team's hands due to sweaty hands. Easily preventable, as we mentioned.


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The Coolest Accessory

Suddora sweatbands are not just used for sports. Since they are made of high-quality, comfortable cotton, they are also used as an accessory by many. These people wear them out at night, while on stage, as a koozie, or sometimes simply use them to group people up.


You Got Style

We have seen people take a headband and make it a wristband. We have seen some people wear a wristband on their ankles. Many of our customers wear their favorite color wristbands on their forearm or have headbands embroidered for their next bachelor party. Cotton headbands can be a sort of billboard that you wear on your forehead if you customize them. Anything is possible!


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For The Musically Inclined

Whether you play drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, or DJ, wristbands make an awesome accessory. For a guitarist or drummer, if can have a double use – once again preventing sweat. A guitarist needs to keep his pick in his hands and a drummer to do the same with his sticks.

Sweaty hands can be the enemy of this! Next time you go to a rock show, you will likely see one of the band members wearing one. Keep an eye out.


For Your Next Beer

Use an armband or wristband for your next drink. We mentioned a few times above that these little accessories are master sweat absorbers. Sweat is not the only thing they can absorb well. They can also absorb condensation from a soda or beer bottle.

Separating Groups into Teams

Many of our customers buy various colors and use them simply to break people up into teams. It is a very cost-effective way to do it! Plus, the sweatbands make a great fashion accessory that they can keep.

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