Headband Fashion - How to Rock Your Headband in 2021

Headband Fashion - How to Rock Your Headband in 2021

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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned while being on this Earth is that history does indeed repeat itself, and in the world of fashion, we’ve seen many trend revivals as of late. One of the biggest trends that are making its biggest debut is the all-famous headband.


From the likes of Sara Hyland and Kate Hudson to Bella Hadid and Kerry Washington, they’ve all been spotted rocking the iconic and most classic hair accessory across their crowns. So, whether you want a headband to keep the sweat out of your face and eyes while you have an intense “beach body ready” workout, or if you’re looking to flaunt your curls while highlighting the features of your face, you can’t go wrong with the timeless headband.


To catch up on the hottest looks in headbands this year, here’s how you’ll want to rock yours.

The Tapered Headband in a Ponytail

Have an intense workout you need to get in? Or maybe you want to get your 5-mile run in before the outside temperature rises? No matter what your physical activity is, the name of the game is sweat absorption and face protection when it comes to rigorous physical activity.


When you’re working out, you first and foremost want to keep your hair out of your face because it can be a huge distraction and nuisance to your workout. Imagine trying to do Zumba or even push-ups, and your hair keeps getting in your face… That’s one of the most frustrating and annoying instances ever. It’s also pretty frustrating to constantly have sweat rolling down your face or continuously having to wipe your face in between reps.


That reason alone is why it’s so important to make sure your hair is pulled back and you’re wearing a tapered headband. You want a tapered band because it’s wide at the front and gets narrow as it reaches the back of your head, securing your hair and providing maximum sweat absorption.

The Comb-Tooth Headband With Hair Down

What goes around comes around, and the comb-tooth headband is one that has resurrected from the early 2000s and is back commanding a new vibe and attitude. This headband is perfect for a stylish casual look that’s well put together but looks effortless. 


With this headband, it’s typically one piece, meaning there’s no connector piece with it, and because of that, you can easily slide it into your hair. Now, in rocking this headband, you want a sleek look so you want to put the headband on first, allowing it to rest on your neck while you smooth your hair back with water and gel or hairspray. Once you’ve achieved the sleek look, you can then pull the headband up allowing the combs of the headband to slide through your hair to the desired length back on your head.

The Tie Headband in a Messy Bun

This particular headband looks great and functions well for workouts but the tie at the back gives way for a retro look as well. It’s very similar to a tapered headband in how it’s wider at the top; the only difference is the tie at the back. The messy bun with this headband is guaranteed to keep your hair and sweat out of your face if you’re working out. This is a go-to style that translates well if you’re working out or running errands.

The Embellished Headband in a Low Bun

Everyone likes a little embellishment every now and then, right? Of course! And the great thing about an embellished headband is that it makes a statement without you saying a word. With this headband, you definitely want to have your hair slicked back into a low bun of some sort, so as to not take away from your statement piece and the beauty of your face.

Maybe you’re going out to a fancy restaurant or are trying to impress… Whatever the case may be, an embellished headband will say everything you’re trying to convey. With such a headband, there’s no need for extravagant earrings or even a necklace because those items will make you look like you’re “doing too much.” If you’re going to rock this type of headband, simple stud earrings with no necklace will be perfect.

The Bandana Headband With Hair Pulled Back

The bandana headband is a classic look that in a way represents, “rebel.” The great thing about bandana headbands is that you can rock the actual bandana and tie it into a messy bow at the top of your head or you can rock a headband that’s designed with the paisley bandana print.

If you’re going to rock the actual bandana, understand that it will solely be for looks because it’s not designed for sweat absorption or non-slip grip while working out. Now, if you like the bandana look and want to work out in it, you can opt for bandana headbands… They have the paisley design but come tapered for sweat absorption and a non-slip grip.

Headbands have indeed had a major blast from the past, and we’re here for all it has to offer. These are just a few of the hottest trends in headband fashion. Head over our headbands page to see just how you can rock yours this year!

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