Why Tie Headbands Are Universally Loved

Why Tie Headbands Are Universally Loved

Suddora Suddora

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Headbands made their first appearance in sports in the 1910s when French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen began to wear them during her matches. Since then, headbands have come on leaps and bounds and are now a staple part of many sports stars' attire.

As for tie-back headbands, they've been sported by some of the biggest names in the world, as we will touch upon shortly. But first, let's take a look at the sports where tie headbands are typically used

Tie headbands have been worn by some of sports greatest stars for decades now. Players tend to develop a trademark image around their sporting accessories and have now become iconic in doing so. For most people, the biggest sports star that springs to mind when you think of a sports tie headband has to be Rafael Nadal.

Often changing between a bandana and a selection of athletic tie headbands, the enigmatic Spaniard curated a brand image around his look but also saw the benefit in keeping the sweat and hair out of his face, especially during his younger years.

NBA basketball superstars Jimmy Butler and Jrue Holiday also famously wear a headband during their matches, with the former even proclaiming that he does so after watching Nadal become so dominant when wearing his.

Let's now look at some of the key benefits you can enjoy when wearing a tie headband during sports, and why so many of the leading sports stars tend to do the same:

  • Keeps sweat out of your eyes and face
  • Keeps you cool as it soaks up moisture
  • Keeps long hair out of your face during crucial moments in the game
  • Creates a personal/brandable look that is memorable to spectators

Tie Back Headbands for Everyday Activity and Lifestyle

Don't be afraid to wear your tie headband as a part of your regular day to day outfit. Headbands have made a huge comeback on the fashion scene in recent years, with many famous celebrities strutting their stuff in public while wearing one.

While a tie headband may not be the most orthodox fashion choice, that's exactly what makes it so stylish. Fortunately, there are tons of options for you to choose from, with something to suit everyone's style and preferences in this collection.

Choose from the range of country-specific designs so you can represent your nation while out and about, or choose something a little more subtle, such as the black-tie headband, that looks great with any outfit.

How to Wear Tie Headbands?

How you wear your tie headbands largely depends on what you're wearing it for, whether or not you have long hair, or what kind of sport you'll be playing while you have it on.

For the most part, all you need to do is cover up as much of your forehead as you wish, then tightly secure the headband in place by tying it at the back of your head. A simple knot will do the trick.

If you're playing tennis or any of the sports mentioned above, you may want to tie a slightly tighter knot so that it stays in place and doesn't fall down or off your head mid-game.

If you want to wear one as part of your daily outfit, you can tie your headband on the side, have the knot showing at the front, or get creative with any style you like. It's all down to personal preference!

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