Are Headbands Bad for Your Hair?

Are Headbands Bad for Your Hair?

Suddora Suddora

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Whether you’re running the trails, playing a soccer match, or working out at the gym, getting hair in your face can be frustrating. Headbands provide a stylish solution: They keep your hair in place and help you avoid the need to sweep loose strands away from your eyes every few seconds, all while letting you look good.

Now you might’ve heard the rumor that headbands are bad for your hair. We’re here to set the record straight.

The Rumors Regarding Headbands

You may have heard at least one person in your life tell you that headbands are bad for your hair. Perhaps you’ve heard they can damage your hair, pull your hair out, or cause discomfort. The right headbands, however, will not only help to keep hair out of your face, but also keep your hair safe.

Are Headbands Bad for Your Hair?

It’s not that headbands are bad for your hair — in general, they’re not. It’s how you wear them and what they’re made of that matter more. 

Problems can arise when a headband (or hair tie) is too tight. For example, elastic headbands can tug the strands, causing breakage along the hairline. They may also put pressure on the frontalis muscles (muscles along your forehead), which leads to tension and pain. 

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Textured headbands — the ones with little teeth to keep them in place — can also cause some serious issues. They can get snagged in your hair, tear strands out by the follicles, and damage your roots. Metal headbands can cause similar problems. 

Which Headband Is Best for Hair?

Now you might wonder which headband is best for your hair or how to wear a headband while avoiding damage and discomfort. We’ve got the answers for you.

Soft fabrics are an excellent option. Headbands made from wide, stretchy material lay flat against your hair and don’t pull it or tug as much as thin elastic headbands can. 

Cloth sports headbands, like Suddora headbands, are great for your hair. These headbands, often made from microfleece or polyester, protect your hair from damage and tuck your hair safely away from your face. They’re incredibly comfortable and hold your hair in place without the uncomfortable pressure and painful clips.

Cloth headbands also absorb sweat, keeping beads from sliding down your face and into your eyes. You can run, play, and workout, all without having to worry about getting sweat or hair in your eyes!

How to Wear a Headband Comfortably

You have a few options when it comes to wearing a headband comfortably. 

One way is to keep your hair down. A tie headband or tapered headband that wraps completely around your head can help to keep your hair out of your face. 

If you have longer hair, you may decide to tie your hair back in a low ponytail (avoid pulling your hair too tight!) and then put on your headband. 

Keep Your Hair Safe and Out of Your Face

The right headband will help keep your hair out of your eyes and won’t cause hair damage or discomfort while you’re wearing it. With a headband from Suddora, you’ll look good and be able to enjoy your workout even more. 

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