5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Workout Headbands to Your Gym Bag

Suddora Suddora

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Headbands are not merely fashion accessories worn by the music icons of the '80s. Admittedly, they did wear them, but headbands are primarily used as athletic apparel for workouts and should be included in every gym bag. The uses and advantages of workout headbands are too many to count, but anyone who has been to the gym at least once will recognize the following annoyances:


  • During your training, are you constantly checking yourself in the mirror and fixing your hair?
  • Do you end up wiping your face with an already sweat-soaked towel?
  • Do you wipe your face with your dirty hands by reflex?
  • Is sweat pouring in your eyes, ears, mouth, and even nose?
  • Are your earphones sweaty?


The list goes on and on, but there is only one common cause for all these problems, and that is perspiration. Anyone who is working out and is serious about it (gym talkers don't count) has these problems every time. This goes double for when using the treadmill.


However, as there is one cause for this, there is also a universal way to prevent it. It is an old school, low-tech solution – headbands. We're talking about all kinds of sports headbands for both men and women because this universal tool will provide a distraction-free, hygienic, and top-notch workout. So, here is our list of reasons why every gym bag should have one.


Workout Headbands Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes

This one is a no brainer. It is plain and simple, and anyone who's ever had at least one proper training session at the gym knows it. A good workout will make you sweat out of every pore on every body part, and your vision will be impaired - there are no two ways about it.


People end up either using a towel for this or, even worse, their own hands! Why is the towel so bad? Well, it is not when you wipe the first time. You will wipe your face and possibly hair once or twice, and it will feel good. But, the sweat will keep on flowing, and the towel will soak up after two or three uses.


Unless you are planning on carrying your entire bathroom towel supply with you every time and washing it every day, this cannot work. Wiping your sweaty face with a towel already soaked in now cold sweat will make you feel extremely uncomfortable, especially if there are more people around because you will be wondering if you are starting to smell.


Many people just forget about the towel and wipe their eye sockets with their hands or wrists in these situations. If you use wrists, you get one additional swipe, and then they are also used up, and if you wipe with your hands, it is an eye infection guarantee. Plus, you may actually end up impairing your vision for prolonged periods at the gym because sweat and dirt will get inside.

A good, highly absorbent headband made from comfortable materials will solve this for you.


Headband Keeps Hair Out of Your Face

This is predominantly a problem for the ladies, but men who have long hair can relate to these issues too. If you have hair longer than 1-2 inches, you’re probably going to have a problem after a few reps when the sweat kicks in. The situation is the worst on the treadmill, but it is also bad on other gym machines.


Hair wet with sweat will stick, and it will bother you. It will tickle, poke, and irritate you, and it may even get so bad that you start cutting reps short or spoiling your form, just to flick that curl off of your forehead. Working out with correct form and doing exercises with weights incorrectly can have serious consequences. Sweaty hair may even fall into your eyes or mouth, depending on the length.


Sports headbands of any kind, any material, and virtually any size can solve this problem for you quite simply. Headbands can also be styled in a way to make your hair look great, turning a bad hair day into a good one. Keeping you comfortable and stylish at the same time - win-win.


Sport Headbands Keep You Cool

This one is not that familiar, but athletic apparel manufacturing technology has advanced a lot since the '80s. Most people that never wore headbands think it is a spandex ribbon around your head. However, today's sweatbands are made with top-notch technology, designed to keep you cool, dry, comfortable, and they even have a fashionable touch to it.


Spandex is still used, along with velvet, cotton, polyester, nylon, terry cloth, and even bamboo. But, the technology for making sweatbands enables all these materials to provide the highest standards when it comes to functionality and comfort.


Cooling headbands usually use a high-quality microfiber material, which enables high absorption and airflow at the same time. Of course, they are so light that you even forget you are wearing one.



They Keep You Warm

However, if need be, headbands can also keep you warm. If you are jogging or training outside, or if you're doing any other activity that causes perspiration, but the temperatures are low, you will likely be thinking about putting on a hat of some sort.


At this moment, an image that may come to mind is that of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky when he jogs on a chilly morning with his winter hat on. Nowadays, both women's and men's headbands can fulfill the role of a winter hat but also retain all other capabilities, like sweat absorption.


Wool, fur, fleece, or felt, which is what most winter hats are made from, do not absorb all that much sweat, if at all. And, when out jogging with a winter hat on, you may even get too hot, which forces you to either take it off (which is not recommended) or sweat under it quite uncomfortably. It itches and even stings sometimes.


A wide, warm headband can cover your ears and a good portion of your head, but leave the top open for temperature balance and solve all other previously described problems for you.


Headbands Keep You Safe

Taking all of the above into consideration, headbands provide a distraction-free workout, and they do a lot to keep one safe. Preventing distractions means a safer workout in and of itself, while wearing one outside (if you workout outdoors) is a far better option than a winter hat for a number of reasons.


It may also prove quite dangerous having your vision impaired by hair or sweat during training with heavy weights or when actually running, even when on a treadmill at high speeds. The bottom line is, having infinitely fewer things to worry about while working out will improve your workout quality, and workout headbands will do that for you.


Thanks for reading.

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