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Many moments from movies have become iconic parts of our culture. You can simply reference a scene and everyone instantly knows what you are talking about and what you mean by referencing it. Movies are woven into our lives in such a way that we would feel almost crippled without them. Many of these iconic moments involve working out or playing and require sweatbands. Here are some of the more iconic moments featuring sweatbands in movies.   The Cable Guy Plays Basketball Jim Carey’s performance in The Cable Guy is one of those comedic turns that helps define a genre....

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The life of a celebrity looks incredibly glamorous. They have fame, wealth, and popularity that most of us could only dream of. But most TV stars have to work hard to achieve their fame. And working hard also includes working out. Here are some of your favorite TV stars who wear sweatbands and make it look good.   Kaley Cuoco One of the hit stars of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco is a household name. Since 2007 she has played the girl next door for America’s most loveable nerds as Penny Hofstadter. Before playing Penny, Cuoco...

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wrestling -

One of the most unique forms of entertainment ever created, wrestling has captivated millions of people for decades. When haters say wrestling isn’t a sport, they’re missing the point. Wrestling is more than a sport, it’s sports with a storyline. The costumes, the wild personas, the stories, the heroes and villains all combine to create something that is both physically demanding as well as intricately scripted. No matter who your favorite wrestler is, you probably remember their nemesis, their character, and their costume. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable wrestlers who incorporated sweatbands into their unique look....

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football -

Football is one of the hardest hitting, most physically intense sports in the world. Playing in the NFL requires an unmatched level of commitment and physicality as well as mental agility at almost every position.  Football is played in rain, snow, intense heat, or brutal cold. For that reason, the equipment football players wear is almost as important as the training they receive. Here is a look at some of the more famous football players who wear sweatbands, as well as how they use them in practice and in play.   Before we begin, let's consider the types of headbands...

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tennis -

For those who don’t follow the sport closely, it might come as a surprise that tennis is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. Tennis players are constantly sprinting for hours at a time to reach the ball in their court. Sprinting involves a powerful explosion of force that demands more from a body than a marathon, yet tennis matches will frequently last longer than most marathons. As a result of all that hard work and exertion, tennis players sweat a lot, and must constantly be replenishing fluids as they play. But managing sweat is an important part...

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