How Do Arm Sleeves Benefit Your Game and Workouts

How Do Arm Sleeves Benefit Your Game and Workouts

Suddora Suddora

When I first noticed Arm Sleeves it was back in 2000- 2001 when Allen Iverson showed up wearing them in his playing days with the Philly. I wondered why is he wearing that sock on his arm? I had no idea what an arm sleeve did or what it was.

Most people thought it was the NBA wanting him to cover all of his tattoos  but then other players in the league had tattoos everywhere. After a while I would go to the basketball courts and see kids, teens, and then adults wearing them but it was obvious it was more for fashion. I’d ask around why they wore them and the answer was always different.

They help me shoot better, they do this, they do that, and after a while it became apparent that they just looked cool and people wanted to look like the NBA guys on tv.

Basketball player crouching down with hands on knees

After doing research on why Allen Iverson wore them it turned out they do have a health benefit. He had bursitis in his right elbow and the sleeves helped the recovery process. They warm muscles and tissue in your arms, same thing with calf and leg sleeves.

They help the recovery process after surgery and they can improve your game and workouts. They are very comfortable to wear, runners wear them to keep arms and legs warm during those chilly fall and winter mornings. Ball players can keep muscles loose and warm when they come into a game after sitting down for a while and it makes a difference.



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I tried them myself and I like the feel and they really are nice and warm.

In addition to that they can be very stylish. I love the arm sleeves at, they can be matched up with any outfit your going to the gym, ball courts, baseball diamonds or out for a run in. Kids and adults playing in organized leagues look amazing when they can show up in sleeves that match the uniforms they wear. has a line from Headbands to Shoelaces to match up with outfits and are highly recommend by athletes everywhere! There is even a line of compression wear in the works. These are great looking Arm Sleeves and they serve a higher purpose than just looking good, but looking good never hurt anyone… Great stocking stuffer’s too!

Multi colour arm sleeves from Suddora

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