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Tennis Sweat Headbands

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You get less than a second to think about your shot during a tennis match. It's all about agility and freedom - it\'s just you and the other person. Focus has to be at an all time high and you cannot afford to have sweat drip down into your eyes. Vision is crucial during a tennis match and a cotton headband can help your game tremendously by soaking in this excess perspiration.

Many of the best professional tennis players around the world wear sweatbands for the reasons above  - you just can\'t take a chance with how fast the game is. Like most fast pace things in life, the smallest error can set you back. Defeat sweat with tennis headbands.

Visors or Sweatbands?

We also carry visors and many of them have anti-sweat technology built in. Whether you want to use a sweatbands for tennis or a visor largely comes down to one thing: the sun. If it's going to be pounding down on you during the match than we highly recommend a visor so you can maintain vision both by blocking the sweat and the sun.

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