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When your goal is to show off your playful, fun loving,energetic, and confident side, along with your natural zest for life, only neon pink sweatbands will do. Sure, pink is the universal color for love and affection, but when you choose to wear an eye catching neon pink sports sweatband, cotton wristband, or cotton headband, you are telling the world so much more about yourself and the type of person you are.


Derived from a combination of red and white, the color pink is believed to have first originated in the 17th century. As for how the color pink got its name, it is thought to have stemmed from the Dutch flower pinken. Of course, there are plenty of shades of pink, but let’s focus on the one shade that definitely commands attention…neon pink.


Before we go any further, let’s stop for a just a minute and address a common misconception. If you are thinking to yourself, neon pink (or any shade of pink, for that matter) is only a color for girls, there is something you should know. In Japan, pink is believed to have some masculine qualities and is associated with fallen warriors. The Japanese also see pink as a color of good health and a happy life. In other countries throughout the world, pink is not strongly associated with females. In fact, it is equally acceptable for both genders to wear.

You may even be surprised to learn that in the early 1900s, pink was considered a color for boys, while blue was mean for girls. Shocked? The following statement came from a U.S. publication referred to as Earnshaw’s Infants’ Departmentin 1918.

“The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

In other words, it does not matter if you are male or female…you can still wear neon pink. It is the perfect color for everyone.


Although traditional pale pink is considered a quiet color, the bright shade of neon pink is more of a “look at me” color. It implies excitement, vibrancy, a whimsical nature, and an overall desire for fun. Neon pink is the color of happiness and hope, which is why you often hear the expression about someone who is overcome with joy being “tickled pink.” It is a color of passion, desire, beauty, and pure love.


It goes almost without saying that the color pink is most frequently associated with breast cancer awareness. Although, it tends to be a lighter, more subtle shade of pink, neon pink is also used in ad campaigns and on wearable items because it does such a good job of catching other people’s attention. (You have to admit that you definitely notice neon pink over a more pale pink any day of the week.)

In fact, it is not unusual to see neon pink gracing the uniforms of professional football players throughout the month of October, as they work to bring awareness to the disease and those who have or currently suffer from it. In some cases, you will see a player slip on a wristband, headband, or sweatband to honor a certain person they know who either succumbed to cancer or are a proud cancer survivor.

When you want to showcase your support of illness, businesses, or organizations, neon pink is certainly a great color to help you do just that. After all, neon pink is a sign of virility and happiness, two feelings that everyone wants to feel.


To be honest, there is never a wrong time to pull on something that is neon pink. Whether you are engaging in a competitive game of tennis, basketball, softball, or volleyball, are planning to take your bike out for a long (or short) ride, or are hitting the mountain trails for an all day hike, neon pink is also a good choice. Not only is it bright and highly visible, which is always a good thing when you are engaged in a sports activity, but it is an inviting color as well. Let’s face it…people who wear neon pinks, such as magenta or fuchsia, just give off an “I’m approachable, so feel free to come up and talk to me” vibe.

The next time you decide to head to the woods for a long, yet nice and peaceful walk, jog, or bike ride, make sure you are wearing something neon pink. It will help ensure you are seen by others in the area, such as hunters, who may not otherwise see you.

At the same time, neon pink is also the perfect color to wear when you are heading out with a large group. Simply tie on a neon pink sweatband or wristband. It will help you stay visible in a crowd.

You can even sport a neon pink sweatband while playing a game of soccer, basketball, or baseball. Not only will it do a great job of keeping the sweat out of your eyes, but it also shows that you are a fun loving and compassionate person.

By choosing to wear neon pink, you are proudly proclaiming to the word “Here I am! Check me out!” When you are drawn to the shocking color of neon pink, it simply means that you are a bold, adventurous individual who is happy go lucky by nature and ready to have fun, while also giving your all to whatever activities you are engaging in. Essentially, you are the life of the party who everyone wants to be around.

Who knew there was so much involved with your color choice? Are you a neon pink type of person?

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