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Hunting for Fun with Neon Orange Sport Headbands

For decades hunters have worn neon orange to make themselves conspicuously different from wildlife. Neon orange is not a color that exists in the natural world. So if you love neon orange sweatbands, you are unnatural.

Hmmm. Try that again. If you love neon orange headbands, you are the hunter, not the hunted. Every team wants players on the prowl. That’s you.

What Is Orange?

Orange sits between red and yellow on the color spectrum. It is named for the fruit, the orange. In Old French, orange was short for pomme d’orange. That comes from Italian, arancia, which is traced back through Arabic and Sanskrit, originally naranga.

Orange was first used as the name of a color in 1512, in a will that is still to this day found in London’s Public Record Office. Wonder what the deceased left and to whom.

Before they decided on the name, people referred to the color as yellow-red.

An entire mini-empire was called Orange back in the day. In 1163, the Principality of Orange was formed. It was just 108 square miles, located north of Avignon in southern France. But it wasn’t called after the color. Instead, it was named after a Celtic water god, Arausio.

It eventually became the House of Orange, a much bigger proposition. It was one of the most aggressive, influential royal families in Europe in the 1500s and 1600s.

What Is Neon?

Neon is a colorless gas, the second lightest after helium. It is also the fifth most plentiful in the universe. When it is charged with electricity, it produces a brilliant red-orange color. This is the color you see on blinking restaurant signs and other nightlife signs.

However, if those signs have other colors, and many do, they are produced by fluorescent lighting, not neon. But neon has become the common word for everything brightly colored. Like neon orange sports headbands.

What about neon colors in fabric? That really has nothing to do with neon. It is a trick of fluorescent particles that confuse the eye and brain into thinking the color is brighter than bright. You can check it all out on LiveScience, Wikipedia and this article from the National Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists for the nitty gritty.

What Is Neon Orange?

Neon orange is the combination of supercharged particles and the basic orange color. The result is a color that sticks out a mile. You can’t not see a person wearing neon orange. Which is great for hunters. If you’re an extrovert and love attention, it’s great for you too.

Politely called “high-visibility clothing,” neon orange is used for personal protective equipment and gear. Because it has reflective properties, people can see the person wearing neon orange and let him get on with his job in safety.

It is worn by hunters, highway workers, railroad workers, airport workers and any place where moving vehicles are present. One of the first experiments with neon orange for safety gear was conducted by the rail lines in Scotland in 1964.

Train drivers were asked if they could see people along the route wearing the neon orange. Indeed they could, at least half a mile in normal weather. After that, it became standard in Britain and now all over the world.

The Psychology of Neon Orange

It can keep your exterior safe, but what does it say about your interior if you choose neon orange basketball headbands or a neon orange dress?

Orange is the color of adventure, energy and cheerfulness. It is the color of communication, optimism and staying connected. It is spontaneous and motivating. Orange is all about enthusiasm.

So when you pair a naturally enthusiastic color with jumping fluorescent particles, you’ve got yourself some major enthusiasm. It indicates not just looking at the bright side of life, but actually lighting up the life around you.

If regular orange is about adventure, neon orange is about diving off the cliffs at Acapulco or going bungee jumping off Victoria Falls.

Neon Orange and Your Personality

People who love orange are emotionally strong, for themselves and for others. That’s why neon orange is so good for team members. It shows that the wearer is a bursting bundle of adventurous strength, a great thing when the team is way behind on the scoreboard.

If you love orange, you are warm and extroverted. If you love neon orange, you are positively flamboyant. Orange lovers are assertive and determined. When it’s neon you want, it shows a stubborn temperament. This can be a major asset for a sports team. Flash you neon orange wrist sweatbands at the opposing team, hunker down and win that game!

Orange lovers trust their gut. Neon orange people are not going to sit around and stare at their navel (orange?). They not only trust their gut, they run with it. They are out doing, creating, winning, testing, practicing and just moving.

The people who enjoy orange are competitive and always seeking out new challenges. When it’s neon orange you crave, you are restless, impatient and a bit of a steamroller.

Neon Orange and What You Wear

If you are enjoying the trend toward neon clothing, fashion experts have a few suggestions for how to carry off neon orange. They warn that it is a tough color to handle because it easily overwhelms people.

Apparently even neon orange has shades. Who knew? So be sure to check that the shade works for you and your skin tone. Moderation is the key. If you wear an entire dress of neon orange, be sure to cover it up a bit with a neutral sweater or a denim jacket.

Neon Orange and Sports

To capture the attention of the 20-somethings, sports teams are putting pizazz in their uniforms with neon stripes and accessories. In some cases, they are choosing uniforms entirely in neon colors.

In basketball, the Oklahoma State University has neon orange uniforms. In 2015, they played a game with Oregon State, wearers of neon yellow uniforms. A commentator said, “It looks like both teams got beat up by a group of roving Bic highlighter hoodlums.” Just can’t please everyone.

The same commentator, however, did approve of the University of California Los Angeles team, which has numbers on its uniform in tasteful neon orange.

Neon orange says you love people, you are determined, you are good-natured but totally determined. You have the makings of a true winner.

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