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Look at Me! Neon Blue Sweatbands Say Loyal and Sensational

Neon is in. These eye-grabbing shades are taking over sports uniforms and trendy fashions, including neon blue sweatbands. The person who chooses neon blue is one complex dude or dudette. Blue by itself is sincere and reserved. Neon is, well, neon. It shouts “Look at me!”

Here is a look at what happens when blue, the color of those who don’t like to fuss or draw attention to themselves, is blasted with neon hues. It sounds a bit schizophrenic, but actually it’s a lot of fun.

What Is Blue?

Blue is the color that sits between violet and green on the spectrum. It is one of the three primary colors, in addition to red and yellow. The word comes from Old German and other such languages, originally spelled blau.

It has been an essential color since ancient times, used in clothing and artwork. The plants indigo and woad were used for dying fabric blue all over the world for millennia.

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. It is commonly used on military and police uniforms, in a wide range of porcelain and sculpture and in works of art.

What Is Neon?

Neon is actually fluorescence, a form of luminescence. Those big words just mean the color looks unnaturally bright for the simple reason that it is. The pigments in neon colors absorb high frequency light, but emit lower frequency light.

Shades of neon colors

Huh? Your eye has a predefined idea how bright something can be. You brain and eyes work together, coming up with an idea how bright the color is supposed to be.

But the brain and eyes are not expecting the sneaky ways of neon pigments. These little tricksters manage to add in some extra energy from the ultraviolet light in the environment. So the color ends up looking brighter than you expected.

Or something like that.

For example, you open a back of printer paper and instead of what you expect, it looks blindingly white to you. Or blindingly neon blue headbands. To really flummox someone’s brain, try waving your arms, complete with neon blue wrist sweatbands, in their face.

What Is Neon Blue?

Neon blue is the pairing of blue color with the special fluorescence, in the form of pigments. Blue is actually an essential part of the history of neon. In 1852, a fellow named Stokes explained how fluorspar and uranium glass can change invisible light, beyond violet on the visible color spectrum, into blue light. He called what happened fluorescence.

So where does neon come into all this? Neon is a chemical element, an inert gas, that is used in fluorescent lamps and signs. Clothing and gear makers, as well as artists, appropriated it for the brighter-than-bright shades of color they fell in love with. And it is so much easier to spell than fluorescence.

That’s what it is (more or less). And here is what is means to those of us not into test tubes.

The Psychology of Neon Blue

Neon colors were first used for safety clothing. Neon orange was the perfect color for hunters and the road department crew. But it has exploded over the last two decades into all types of clothing with all types of colors, especially sports related gear like basketball headbands and athletic shoes.

The psychology of all neon colors is based on the idea that it is noticeable, really noticeable. Blue itself is easy to walk by. But neon blue gets a second, even third glance.

It is a natural for marketing, a way to gain brand recognition and highlight lines of clothing.

Neon Blue and Your Personality

People who choose blue are honest, loyal, quiet, reliable and responsible. As a blue lover, you command respect for your sense of inner security.

If you like neon colors, you want to be eye-catching. You’re feeling dangerous and hot. You are intriguing and a risk taker.

Blue + Neon means you’re out for a good time. Even reliable, quiet and responsible people can go wild and crazy on occasion. One of the easiest ways for a blue lover to do that is with a small, practical piece of athletic gear like sports headbands or basketball sweatbands.

For those into mysticism, a neon blue aura is the color of your higher self. It indicates that you are vibrating at your true frequency. You, as a tuning fork.

People with a neon blue aura are calm and peaceful, but strong and centered. If you are told you have a strong neon blue aura, which would be an interesting pickup line, that person likes you and admires you (or wants to show you his etchings). You are someone with your “metaphysical ducks in a row.”

Neon Blue and What You Wear

Neon clothes and gear are everywhere. Looking like a walking glow stick is in. These colors, especially neon blue, have a cheerful look and brighten up a day.

Custom Sunglasses:

Kids Neon Sweatbands:

As a rule, they are considered a better fit at games, an evening get together or the beach than they are at the office.

One of the best features of neon blue is that it goes with so many other colors. Blue is basic, one of the most popular and common colors in the world. Even jazzed up with neon, it still blends well with other colors.

Neon Blue and Sports

Neon colors are now seen even in once-staid tennis games, like the Australian Open. Players like Madison Keyes, Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Milos Raonic have brought eye-grabbing shirts and shorts to the sport.

In the National Football League, bright colors are now the norm. It seems likely that even if the lights went out, you could track the players by watching the neon laces in their shoes. The National College Athletic Association playoffs have also been featuring neon uniforms and accents in recent years.

If you love neon blue, you are reliable but with an intriguing sense of going your own way. You have the courage to pull off the bright colors. This same courage helps you in the game, inspiring you to brave the competition and bring your team to victory.

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