Elevated by Action

Way back in the day when we started with just plain cotton wristbands, our name was STbands.com. Since those days STbands.com has split into two websites – Custom On It & the one you are on now - Suddora.com. At Suddora our core focus is produce high end athletic gear and accessories. We currently are known commonly as the best place to purchase sweatbands. We have, however, expanded quite a bit and now we sell mouth guards, arm sleeves and plenty more to come at Suddora.com

The Formula

Before we even begin to produce or design our sporting accessories, we look through the eyes of our customers who will be using them. We need to be sure that any single product we carry will be beneficial to them. Every single aspect of the product matters – whether it be the special comfortable terry cloth we use to make a sweatband or designing our sports mouth guards so they can fit custom to any mouth – every little detail counts. Once we have all the details down and our customer begin buying our sports products we listen to the feedback and adjust. Since we take our time, our products consistently get high reviews.

Cotton Headbands, Wristbands & Armbands

Most commonly, Suddora is known for sweatbands. We first made our dent in the sporting goods industry in 2009 when we decided to help runners, cyclist, basketball players and many other athletes stop their sweat problem. Our headband / wristbands sets are one of the highest rated on the internet because of the level of comfort compared to other options around. We currently offer more than 10 different colors of our sports wristbands and headbands.

Arm Sleeves

One of our newest and most popular items is our compression arm sleeves. Athletes in sports such as basketball, football and more wear these sleeves for extra stability, cooling and style. The sleeves are currently one size fits most – fitting biceps 10 to 15 inches.

Breast Cancer Items – For Football & Beyond

We have plenty of breast cancer football gear to choose from including pink ribbon sweatbands, towels, socks, shoelaces and more. These pink items are also great to use at fund raisers and more. Visit our breast cancer sweatbands category to learn more and purchase these products.