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Yogi Flex

Mandala (Black)
Yogi Flex (Full Size)
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(Maroon / Yellow)
Yogi Flex (Half Size)
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Various Ways to Wear for Maximum Efficacy

The Yogi Flex selection of headbands for men and women is ideal for a number of reasons. The multipurpose design that creates these headbands for women and men make them the perfect choice for sweat absorption during yoga, running, cycling, lifting and more. You name it and this sports headband can and will do the job to their utmost potential. Use the Yogi Flex as a sweat absorbing headband or sweat band. Grab one for around the neck and one for around the head for the ultimate in sweat protection. Its multi purpose potential and high quality design ensure the wearer that they no longer have to stress out about out-of-control sweat and hair problems.

Perfect for All Physical Activities

As we mentioned prior, this is a multifunctional accessory that serves any athlete with pride to protect the wearer from unruly amounts of sweat and loose hair. No matter if you are looking for a new running headband, cycling headband, or simply a new headband for yoga - the Yogi Flex headband will quickly become your new best friend if only you give one an honest shot. With an absorbent, flexible fit and lovely yet intelligent design, you cannot go wrong with one of Yogi Flex’s stylish headbands for men and women. In fact, we believe once you try one of our sweatbands you will never look back!