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USA Honor Tapered Non-Slip Headband
USA Honor Tapered Non-Slip Headband
Regular price $ 14.99
Camo Tapered Non-Slip Headband
Camo Tapered Non-Slip Headband
Regular price $ 14.99
Rainbow Tie Headband
Rainbow Tie Headband
Regular price $ 16.99
USA Honor Tie Headband
USA Honor Tie Headband
Regular price $ 16.99
Camo Tie Headband
Camo Tie Headband
Regular price $ 16.99

What Makes Suddora Different?

Top Quality Cotton Sports Wristbands, Headbands and Armbands

We don’t design our sweatbands for us. We design them for YOU.

When creating our terry cloth cotton sweatbands, we put ourselves in the shoes of both professional athletes and hobbyists who still have a great passion for running, cycling, and other sports. We ask ourselves two questions: What would these athletes want in a sweatband and how can we create a product that meets those needs?

It turns out that most people who engage in sports want a variety of different solutions for absorbing sweat, so we started with the basics – comfortable and thick wristbands, headbands, and armbands. These main products actually cater to most people trying to stop sweat.

Over time though, we realized that sweatbands weren’t just about preventing sweat. They’re also a fashion statement and a chance for athletes to express themselves. That’s why we started creating more unique colors, styles, and types of sweatbands that built off our original products.

Since we had already mastered and produced high-end bands for absorbing sweat, it was only natural to answer our customer’s demands for new styles and variations. This includes our breast cancer sweatbands, which are extremely popular every October.


At Suddora, we’re not just committed to creating a great sweatband. We want to create a sweatband that works for you.

Have a question? Contact us here.

Keep Your Hands Sweat-Free

When you’re playing sports like football, basketball, and tennis, you depend on your hands to perform at your best. Sweaty hands increase the chance of errors and mistakes that can cost you the game.

Suddora’s high-quality absorbent wristbands greatly reduce the amount of sweat on your hands, allowing you to have the confidence to play to your full potential when the game is on the line.

We understand how reducing sweat can provide athletes with an advantage. That’s why we make our Suddora terry cloth wristbands with breathable cotton that is both comfortable and extremely effective at absorbing sweat. Our wristbands are made from 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon, creating the most comfortable athletic wristband on the market.

Of course, sweatbands aren’t just for athletes. Some people simply where sweatbands to look good and express their unique sense of style. Everyone from I Heart Sweatbands to Richard Branson seems to love rocking these as accessories for more than athletic purposes. That’s why we offer more than 10 different colors, including red, pink, black, white, blue, and neon.

A Simple Solution to Keep Sweat Out of Your Eyes


When you’re in the middle of an important game or event the last thing you want is sweat getting into your eyes, compromising both your vision and your performance.

Whatever the sport, be it marathon running, basketball, tennis, or cycling, one thing remains consistent: you need your eyes. Distorted vision causes mistakes in just about any physical activity you can think of, so you’ll want to do something to prevent it.

Wearing comfortable, high-quality terry cloth cotton headbands can solve this issue and makes running, working out, or playing sports much more enjoyable.

If you’re tired of dealing with sweat in your eyes during the most critical moments consider using Suddora’s comfortable and absorbent headbands.


Look Great and Perform Better

Your heart is pounding, your muscles are throbbing, your lungs gasping for air – these are just a few of the things that happen when you engage in any athletic activity for a lengthy period of time. But for many athletes, what’s even more bothersome is sweat.

Whether it’s pouring down your arms and getting all over your hands, or coming down your forehead and getting in your eyes, sweat can be a real nuisance and greatly hinders your performance.

You may think your favorite athletes wear headbands and sweatbands to make a fashion statement. But the truth is, style is only 10% of the reason they wear them. The other 90% is literally because they HAVE to in order to perform at their best.

Suddora sweatbands are not only eye-catching and fashionable. They’re also comfortable, absorbent, and a great way to reduce sweat and improve your performance.

Are you part of a team or league? We offer all of our sweatbands in bulk at discounted wholesale pricing to help you outfit your group with the very best sweatbands.


Basketball is a physically intense sport, and you’re going to get sweaty even in the most casual one and one game. More importantly, sweaty hands can compromise your game and cause you to miss crucial shots. Our Suddora headbands are made of a thick terry-cloth that will absorb all of your sweat so you won’t have to worry about it ruining your game. Plus, our eye-catching colors and designs mean you’ll always be playing in style.


If you’re a runner then you’ve probably dealt with sweat in your eyes. Whether it’s from exhaustion, or just the sun beating down on you, sweat is a common problem for runners. A quality sweatband set goes a long way to help this issue, whether you’re running cross country or simply exercising in the morning. In fact, many people who order from us are just walking in the heat and use Suddora breathable headbands to help keep themselves cool. Our sets include either two wristbands and one headband or two armbands and one headband. Check out our running sweatbands here.


If you play football, you know how important dry hands are to being successful. Quarterbacks, receivers, and anyone who hopes to intercept a pass need dry hands in order to play at their best. Our cloth armbands come in 3 different sizes: 1-inch, 4-inch, and a 6-inch. These sizes can be worn at the wrist, forearm, upper arm, or bicep and help you avoid slippery hands so you can make that crucial play in your next game. Need gear for breast cancer awareness? Check out our pink football gear.


Tennis is the fastest sport in the world, and even a minor slip-up can cost you the game. Don’t let the distorted vision and sweaty hands prevent you from playing at your best. Use wristbands and headbands to keep sweat out of your eyes and off of your arms and hands.


Wristbands and armbands are about more than just preventing sweat. They can also provide you with much-needed stability and support. When you’re at the plate and your team is counting on you to hit that ball out of the park you want to make sure your wrists are nice and steady. Many baseball players find that our 6-inch and 4-inch armbands increase the steadiness of their swing. Baseball clubs also love our cotton wristbands and armbands because they increase stability while also being extremely comfortable.

Don’t Let Sweat Get in the Way of Your Workout

If you’re someone who exercises a lot you know how annoying it can be to get sweat in your eyes right in the middle of a workout. Especially for people who do a lot of cardio, such as running on treadmills, using stairmasters, or participating in CrossFit, sweat can be extremely disruptive.

Sweat burns your eyes and can break your concentration. Having a sweatband handy for these physical activities can make your workouts far more enjoyable. Use a headband to keep the sweat at bay, or use our comfortable wristbands to wipe the sweat off your face during any intense workouts.

Aside from cardio, Suddora fitness headbands are also commonly used by people who practice Yoga. Headbands help keep sweat out of your eyes so you can stay focused. You can also use our headbands to hold back your hair.

A Large and Growing Inventory of Sweatbands

We’re known around the world as one of the best sources for high-quality sweatbands, and that didn’t happen by accident. We make our bands from high-end cotton and are committed to offering the best customer service to ensure you’re always satisfied with your purchase.

At Suddora, we’re never satisfied. We’re always expanding and looking into new types of products. Some of our newer products include zipper bands, rainbow bands, neon bands, pink ribbon accessories, and more. We’re also excited to start offering child sizes so everyone can enjoy our sweatbands.

Finally, we offer discounts to those who buy in bulk. Free shipping options are available when you place an order over $50.

Do you have a certain type sweatband you want to see here? Feel free to contact us. We love your product ideas and take them very seriously.

For more information, or to place an order, contact us here.

More Reasons to buy from Suddora:

  • Ultra Comfortable Terry Cloth Cotton – 80% cotton, 12% spandex & 8% Nylon.
  • Most styles are available in 10 or more colors: black, white, green, blue, red, gray, pink, orange, purple, yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon pink, neon orange and neon yellow
  • Excellent customer service
  • We’re always expanding our inventory and adding new sports headbands, armbands, and wristbands.

Customize your own Sweatbands

Our sister website, Custom On It, allows you to make custom sweatbands. This is not only very inexpensive but it’s also very fun. The minimum order is 100 and currently there a ton of custom sweatband options - custom wrist sweatbandscustom headbands and custom armbands. These bands can have your logo embroidered on them or if the logo is complicated it can be applied view woven label.