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India Tapered Non-Slip Headband
India Tapered Non-Slip Headband
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Bulk Red White & Blue Sweatband Sets (10 Pack)
Bulk Red White & Blue Sweatband Sets (10 Pack)
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Red sweatbands a choice for many!

Sweating goes hand-in-hand with most games or physical activities. No player desires distraction at any point in a game whatever the nature of the game. Sweat distracts and makes it uncomfortable for the player, more, if left to its own unchecked flow. Here is the good news: Sweatbands take care of this problem--a band of material worn on the head, wrists or arms to help control perspiration.

The red sweatbands have an outstanding features attracting most users. Lest I say, red head sweatbands are easy to pull over, highly absorbs moisture and dries fast for comfort. The material just to say, are soft elastic to fit the size of the head. Its strength is outstanding and endurable hence perfect choice for sports, gym and general purposes.

History of sweatbands

The evolution of the sweatbands can be dated back in 1980s. LeBron James, Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony, the great athletes, purportedly used the sweatbands during their exercises. They are popular in their fabric, designs, colors and sizes. Remember Suzanne Lenglen, the legendary tennis player, in 1920. She made a historic mark dumping her corset and crowning this with a cotton headband.

Need for Sweatbands

It is hard to imagine physical activity without the use of sweatbands. History reveals that the sweatband made its mark in the '80s. It is also going to qualify the saying; "Necessity is the mother of invention" is not without backing.

Slippery hands and eyes stinging from salt in sweat must have been a bad experience. Can't imagine trying to grasp a ball or racket with sweaty palms. As if that's not enough having, to concentrate on winning or running with sweat streaming into the eyes and win a race.

It must have been awful. There was a need for change or rather a control of the sweat problem.

Here is more on that: Legend Fred Perry well known as an icon for sportswear and tennis invented the sweatband to ease his life on the court. It was to help sop-sweat from face and hands while he played. Apart from this, it helped reduce the slippery effect of his grasp on the tennis racket.

This is still the trend for many games such as basketball, tennis and also runners.

That said, sweatbands have evolved beyond the use of soaking up a sweat, although to a large extent they find their place in areas of physical exertion.

Suddora Sweatbands come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Did you know colors have significant symbolic power? They make statements and send messages. For instance, have you ever wondered about the color red? It's vibrant, bold and a show-stopper. So let's look at some of the beliefs of the ancients.

It may surprise you to know that the color red has a load of symbolism. Not only does it depict the largeness of life, health, power and courage, but also holds love and fervor.

You'll notice the one common factor - passion. The driving force behind passion is life. We all need the life-giving fluid-blood. You guessed the right, the color of blood is red.

Why would go for Red Sweatbands?

Red sweatbands are a popular choice among sports people. Further, statistics indicate that most contestants dressed in red uniforms won most their matches. Make no mistake the color red portrays dominance and zeal.

Red wrist sweatbands are ideal for gymnastics, running, and aerobics. The wristbands come in pairs. People involved in these types of activities find sports headbands comfortable. The constant movement encourages physical exertion and a steady flow of sweat. This is available in soft cotton.

Better yet, these compliment each other giving of a complete kit. Not taking to mention the sports headbands keep hair out of the eyes and soaks up trickles of sweat.

Where would you wear red headbands?

Red headbands give oomph this goes well while playing beach volleyball and basketball. These are energetic games and players would do well to use headbands available in terry cloth because of its absorbency quality.

As mentioned earlier, red speaks of power, aggression, and dominance. Dating as far as 1979-1989, John McEnroe comes to mind with his trademark red headband. He had an astounding ability to volley uncontested. And a temper to match - his rubber stamp at vitality. Red headbands stand out; they give off confidence, and the wearers usually adapt to this pretty well. Perhaps it is without a lot of effort, it rubs off, subconsciously.

Who Can Wear Sweatbands?

Anyone can wear a sweatband. This includes children, adults, athletes and those with disabilities (physical or mental). For as long as a person identifies with a need for a sweatband-they're ready to go.

Neither are sweatbands gender sensitize; there is a sweatband for everyone. As far as trends go, sweatbands are not limited to sports; they are in use in just about any environment. Construction workers find them convenient and handy; kids sometimes wear them for fun.

Besides, sweatbands are made from fabric that'll not irritate the wearer. The manufacturer takes into account its uses and how this will affect the user. So, only the best materials count.

Sweatbands for identity: Since red calls for attention, it isn't a color to go unnoticed. Red sweatbands do well with activities that tend to emergencies or critical recognition. This includes blood donation, AIDS, relief to areas of disaster among others. Red sweatbands can stand in as a signet or halo of a good citizen.

Take for an example, Bicyclist Lance Armstrong uses wristbands to create awareness to cancer. Andy Roddick's wristbands with the message "No Compromise" impact lives of children at risk. In a nutshell, sweatbands are a powerful tool for fundraisers and awareness campaigns.

Promotional activities: Wristbands are ideal for commercial purposes. First of all the cost of the product is pocket-friendly. This translates into any company can buy logo headbands in bulk, they are light and portable.

The bottom line is distribution is cheap thus companies give them out for free. Furthermore, people wear them for a longer period of time than other options. So guess what, the company gets entrenched in the public eye for longer. Any type of business can use them.

custom embroidered headbands

Lastly, sweatbands are not only for sports activities, but they are also workable for charity organizations, churches, entertainment, schools, the list goes on and on.

Here is another thing that may surprise you, and this has nothing to do with sports. Asylum seekers in some place like Radcliffe red wrist sweatbands to signify their status.

In sum, many athletes sport red headbands to embrace their love of the game. The truth is it cements a statement of labor. Slick Watt says it well, "if you can't wear the headband well, don't wear it at all.