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Football Mouth Guard with Strap

  • Football Mouth Guard with Strap
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    Product Details

    • Suddora mouth guards come with a simple design that helps provide maximum protection to your teeth without the over sided bulky feel which seems to be a common complaint of other mouth guards. This form fit boil and bite design will allow you to breathe easier and save you a dentist bill. We use only safe non-toxic polyolefin which is BPA free and Latex Free. Great for football, hockey, rugby, or any other contact sport with a helmet.
    • CUSTOM COMFORT FIT: This mouth guard uses simplicity in its design, unlike its bulky oversized competitors. Our easy boil and bite process offers maximum protection for teeth, gums, and lips. After the molding process, you will have a form-fitted mouthguard which is exceptional at preventing injury yet small enough to allow for easy breathing during competition
    • SAFE HEALTH AND NON-TOXIC: Our mouthguards are constructed using POE material which is both BPA and Latex Free and includes a vented case to help prevent bacteria growth.
    • EASY CONNECT STRAP: We know the haste of having a runaway mouth guard, the strap allows easy connection to a helmet so it won't drop and get dirty between plays.
    • 100% GUARANTEED: Suddora Mouthguards have helped save thousands of teeth so far and your teeth can be next. However, if there is any trouble with your mouthguard during the boil n bite or it breaks for whatever reason, contact us and we will get it replaced.
    • MULTI-SPORT USE: These mouth guards are designed for easy helmet attachment which is great for football, hockey, rugby or any other helmet sport. Buy for yourself or get the whole team involved with matching colors, with our multiple colors you can easily match your uniform or other Suddora wristbands, headbands, arm sleeves and shoelaces!


    • Step 1: If needed in adult mouth, skip this part. If a child size is needed, cut about 1/2" from each side off with scissors or a knife. Be careful.
    • Step 2: Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Wait until the water is fully boiling and then dip the mouth piece in for 20 seconds. Yes, only 20 seconds over boiling will make the mouth guard continue to soften and fall apart and be unusable.
    • Step 3: Pull out mouthguard, and dip in cool water for 1-2 seconds only, this will color the guard to prevent you from burning your mouth, but still be soft enough to mold properly.
    • Step 4: Place mouth guard in your mouth and bite down gently so it makes an impression of your teeth but not so hard you bite through it. While biting down suck inward to help form around your teeth. Hold for 1 minute and then set down and let cool. Congratulations you now have a custom fit guard!!! If you messed up during this process contact us for a replacement.

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