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Sports Mouth Guards w/ Case

  • Sports Mouth Guards w/ Case
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    Product Details

    • Custom Fit: Easily molds to fit any tooth shape (not for nighttime teeth grinding, only athletics). See "Sizing Your Mouth Guard" below.
    • Grip Rings: Added grip rings on the bottom ensure a better snug fit to ensure tooth safety
    • Vented Closure Case: Allows mouthguard to air dry between uses to prevent bacteria.
    • Adult or Child Size: Can be easily cut on edges to fit a child's mouth.
    • Safety Grade: Our mouthguards use special POE material and have passed all safety grades.
    • Suddora Mouth Guards are available in 10 colors.
    • Protecting your teeth is vital to almost all athletic activities. These mouth guards are ideal to use during football, boxing, basketball, baseball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, and more. Suddora mouthguards are made of special safety grade materials, to ensure the safety of what's put in your mouth. Each mouthguard is designed to fit a standard adult mouth and can be custom sized in just a few minutes. Our guards can have the ends cut down to ensure a proper fit in a child's mouth also. Available in 10 colors, match your team or event!
     Blue Suddora Mouth Guard Blue Suddora Mouth Guard Opposite View


    Sizing your mouthpiece:

    • Step 1: If need in adult mouth, skip to step 2. If child size is needed, cut about 1/2" from each side.
    • Step 2: Boil or microwave a pot or cup of water. When the water begins to boil put the mouth guard in for 15- 20 seconds.
    • Step 3: Pull out mouthguard with tongs, and dip in cold water for about 2-3 seconds
    • Step 4: Place mouth guard is in your mouth bite down on it so it makes an impression of your teeth at the same time absorb the water out and absorb it close to your teeth. Hold for 1 minute.

      Congratulations you now have a custom fit guard!!!

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